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Sorry,please disregard this post.


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Originally Posted by artshot
Which is better, refurbished, or lightly used?
That is a hard question to answer. "lightly used" would be very good, but how well was the camer taken cared of by the owner? It may not have been used alot, but the care of the camera is questionable. You won't know until you can at least have a look at it and inspect it first hand. If the camera was taken cared of, but was slightly used and with all the orginal packaging, then the lightly used product is a good buy.

On the other hand, a refurbished model may not mean what seems. A refurbish model is usally a "repaired" model. It was broken at one time and it was fixed by an "authorized" olympus service repair. At some cases a refurb can be "a good retail product but with missing softwares, accessories, and such. Those can't be sold as retail, but would be considered a "class A" refurbished item. The class A refurb would be great buy as well. It all depends.
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The uzi maybe the only camera that may resell for the original price. Refurb uzis are in high demand and the price is going up. Until an ultrazoom with image stablization is on the market at a good price, the uzi value will continue to climb.

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Congrats on your purchase of a c2100uzx .

If I were you, I would jump on this photo accessory package
that is being offered to you if it all used to be used on
a c2100uz.

This is why:

No shipping/insurance.

No time lag as you slowly acquire these items on
Ebay, etc .

It is very important to have some kind of filter on
your camera because then...in worst case scenario...your
filter takes a hit but not the lens itself.

Filter replacement about $20...

Camera repair per Olympus (probably more than you
pay for camera itself!) .

Also, I have a couple more suggestions for you. Email
me directly .

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