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kuemauve Sep 24, 2002 11:03 PM

imitation, flattery and the future
Wow. Did you guys take a gander at Photokina news as yet.

Panasonic has decided to flatter Olympus by introducing it's DMC-FZ1, 2mp 12x IS digital camera. If I must say... nice features, but only pictures will tell.

More on the frontline is news of the Olydak and Kodaks new 13.98MP camera. Okay... my mouth is watering just a little bit. Even looking at the Olydak, I'm wondering if my C-2100UZ purchase was signing into the dark ages of digital photography. I am really excited to see where digital imaging goes in the future.

So my next camera is an Olydak 4/3 dSLR huh? Hmmm too bad Olympus didn't tell me how much I need to start saving yet...

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