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Default Inside or night photos with 2100

I am new to this forum and digital photography, I have troble with blurred photos indoor in the evening or outdoors at night, the picture is blurred because the subject is moving while I take the picture , even with the flash is there any setting I can use to take better pictures. Or isn't the 2100 good for this type of picture taking.

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Every digi cam that I know of will not take hand held night shots. You are best off using a tripod if you can. I've done some night shots using the full 16 seconds of shutter speed before, and had great results.
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You got to stay above 1/30th of a second with your shutter speed. If your subject is fast moving it will be blurred. If you're doing a long night shot, you should use a tripod (and turn OFF the IS when using the tripod). Another thing you can do is increase the ISO ("film" speed) to increase sensitivity but you will also increase grainyness.

Suggest you read up on some of the basics of low-light photography.
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When shooting indoors with the UZI remeber the more of the 10X optical you use the less light will be available to lens.
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Since you said you were new to digital cameras, I have to ask:

Are you prefocusing by pressing the shutter down halfway, until a beep and a solid green icon appears in the viewfinder? If not, you'll get a lot of out of focus pictures. More than likely, shutter speed is the problem because of low light, but I wanted to make sure we didn't miss this item.

Use flash a lot for best pictures in low lighting with your UZI, and make sure you are withing the flash range of the camera (about 10-13ft max). And, yes, the C2100 is perfectly fine for taking these kind of pics.
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