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Default ISO 400 for low light shots?

Has anyone tried using ISO 400 for low light shots on the 7x0 series? Does uisng a high iso gain faster shutter speed? Is the picture really noisy and will software clean up the noise to produce good shots? While I am at it do the F stops really make a difference in depth of field on these cameras?

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I can't speak for the 7xx series, but for my camera ISO 400 will capture 3x the amount of light as the 100 setting. Offsetting that advantage is the increased amount of noise that's present with the faster ISO setting, and I have had only limited success cleaning up the noise post processing. The best deal is to use a good flash, IMHO, and try to shoot at 100 or 200 ISO for best results. However, for action shots in low light, you may not be able to stop the action unless you allow the camera to select 400.

As for depth of field, you can have very good success blurring the background using the widest aperture. For really spectacular, short DOF shots, use the macro mode on your camera.
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I've used it for those times where I couldn't use a flash, or I was out of range for the flash, and I needed to keep above 1/30th of a second since I didn't have a tripod to steady the camera. By increasing the ISO you are increasing the gain of the CCD, and by doing so you are also increasing noise...there is a program called NeatImage that's supposed to help clean up this type of photo.

Some samples, this one was taken at ISO800 1/30 f3.5 when I was at the back of an auditorium, at Pbase's medium size it looks very good, but you start to see noise at large and of course original size:
This one was taken at ISO400 1/20 f3.5 at the same event:

Digital cameras aren't the only CCD devices with this problem, I know when I turn up the gain on a camcorder for low light situations I also get more noise/grain. Nature of the beast. Normally though I shoot at ISO100, and rarely use ISO200.

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