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Default LCD Screen & Lens Protector for 5050

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post and first good digital camera that I've owned, so I'm somewhat of a newbie with the add-on accessories. After reading reviews and browsing the forums and checking out the different cameras in person I went with the Olympus 5050.

I did look at the DA Products screen protector on their site, but wondering if there might be some other products that work as well. I had read that the DA Products one is good, but it sticks out a little and dust can get behind it.

I was wondering what other 5050 owners are using for their LCD screen for protection from scratches?

Also, what does everyone recommend to use for lens protection? I would like to keep the camera as compact as possible. The again I might end up getting a polarizer filter in the future. What do I need to attach add-on lenses to the 5050?

Thanks for the info!
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To attach filters to the 5050 you need a filter tube adapter. You can get the Olympus CLA-1, but due to a mistake on their part you'll need an additional spacer (a cheap filter where you pop out the glass) to create additional distance, because the 5050 has a longer lens and if you don't the lens will crash into any filter you put on the CLA-1.

There are other third party tubes that don't have this problem, check out http://www.2filter.com/prices/products/digitubes.html
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Thanks for the info!

I noticed those are silver in color. Does anyone make a 41mm to 46mm tube in black to match the 5050 camera?

Which size filters is better to go with 46mm or 49mm on the 5050?

Will the 46mm be sufficient to avoid vignetting at wide angle, or is it necessary to jump to 49mm? If there is vignetting with a 46mm filter, how significant is it?

I'm tring to find the happy medium between vignetting and blocking the viewfinder and flash with the larger size filters.

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Default Filters for C5050

I just purchased a few neutral density filters and a polarizer for my C5050 and I went with 49mm since they are a very common size and most every filter is made in that size as well as this size does not cause vignetting (sorry if spelled wrong) as fas as I can tell. The only thing using this size of filter does is cause a small amount of blockage in the viewfinder and is supposed to cause flash shadowing, but since I do most of my work outside and never use the flash I haven't encountered this. But if you plan on getting a polarizer you'd be using the LCD screen to preview it's effects so blockage of the viewfinder is not important, as well as using the flash is probably not a big concern.

To mount the filters I use the CLA-1 (mine is black) and a 43mm-49mm step up ring. I also bought a new lens cap since the 43mm lens cap would obviously not fit anymore.

Good luck, enjoy!

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