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Default Lens Adapters and lens - Many ??

Yes, I am a newbie - but wanted to post specific questions to Olympus people as I have recently purchased a C-700. I want to make sure the lens, etc are complementary to my camera's 10x len and optics.

I want to purchase an adapter 'tube' and at least a UV len to protect the 10x lens; I may buy additional lens in the future if I want/need polarized/macro/etc. I would also like to think if I upgrade to a newer camera in the future I maybe able to use some the already purchased lens.

1) It seems the CLA4 adapter by Olympus is very pricey - am I missing some special feature other than the Olympus name on the adapter?

2) What size do I buy? (is bigger mm always better?)
Looking on eBay and elsewhere I have seen both 46.5 to 43mm lens adapters and 45.6 to 52mm adapters. In my limited research I think :? I should buy the 45.6 to 52MM adapter so I can purchase more common-sized lens(UV, polarized, etc); is this true? I am also worried about the smaller adapters/lens cutting off some of the photo(is it called vignetting or something?) - is this really a problem?

3) Some of the smaller adapters (46.5 to 43mm) are stated they can be threaded into camera body - elsewhere I have read the threads are really not deep/strong enough to hold adapter long-term?? I do not want to pull threads out of len's body on my new 'toy' . What is what in this area????????

4) Any sites I can buy at reasonable costs?
On eBay a person is selling 52mm Hoya UV and polarized lens for approx $45 with non-Olympus adapter - is this reasonable?

5) does it matter if adapter 'tube' is silverish verse black on the inside of tube? Some are black plastic I think - some are metal/metallic silver - I do not know if this makes a difference in light reflection, etc. I know I am showing my ignorance here but if I do not ask....

6) any other ideas/suggestions on buying the adapter 'tube' and lens? (what brand or a good site, etc?)
Being new to this arena, I am open to input - no matter how basic it may seem to you!

Sorry for being for verbose - it's just I am very confused with the options I have found. Thanks in advance for any info conveyed, Dan White
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Good questions. Here's what I've learned about this by doing what you're doing now, and checking out the references.

1. No special feature in the CLA-4 adapter. I'm not sure if the third-party 45.6-52 mm adapters are exactly the same length. You want one that allows the filter or accessory lens to be as close as possible to the camera's lens, without touching it, of course. More distance between the lenses leads to more vignetting in those cases where vignetting is present.

2. 52 mm is a popular size, if you want to add harder to find filters or accessory lenses. 43 mm is too small and will cause some vignetting. I'm planning on getting 46 mm. It's the smallest size that won't cause any vignetting with a filter atttached, according to those who have one that size. Keep in mind that the adapters will block your flash to some degree, causing a bit of shadow at the bottom of wide angle flash shots. The larger the adapter, the more blockage. Plus it makes your camera bulkier. Since I plan to keep the UV filter on all the time (to protect the lens), I'll go for the smaller size. If I ever get a larger sized converter or something, I'll get another adapter to fit it rather than a step-up ring, I think.

3. All of the tube adapters screw into the camera body--that's the only way to attach an adapter on this camera. I've never heard of the threads failing. (I was told there are threads on the C-700 camera lens too, but those just help with lens caps.)

4. A good place to get adapters and filters is at www.2filter.com . It also has some useful info about the various filters. Can't say whether the Hoya filters are reasonably priced without knowing which ones they are, but you can compare the prices at www.2filter.com . If the ebay seller doesn't say exactly which filter they are, it's probably not a good deal.

5. Color is a matter of taste. Might possible affect flash dispersal a little differently. I didn't know there were plastic ones--if there are, don't get one. Plastic threads aren't as sturdy. All the tube adapters at www.2filter.com are metal.

6. If you already know what accessory lenses you're going to have, you might want to get an adapter to fit them. Mostly you get what you pay for when it comes to accessory lenses, especially in how well they'll work attached to a 10x lens. Don't buy any accesory lens without checking at forums like this one (and I also recommend the forums at dpreview.com) to see what you can find out about its quality.

Here are some handy references:


Have fun with your new camera.
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Our Oly_C-700 Yahoo group talks about this stuff a lot. Here is a page that has an example of a tube and a photo by myself that shows the shadow you can get with a tube on the camera when you use the internal flash:


Our groups home if you're interested in a group chatting specifically with C-700/720/730 users:

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I would also recommend www.2filter.com. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about filters, lens, adapters, etc. They are not afraid to tell you that you will not be happy with a product even if they will lose the sale.
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