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Default Lens stuff...

What is a diopter...lens? What is it's purpose. What is a lens tube, it's purpose? Am moving up from my point and shoot digital but I feel so lost. Thanks, Suzan
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Many cameras have a retracting lens (when powered off, the lens goes into the camera to make it smaller). These lenses can't (for the most part) have filters or other lenses attached to them...instead you attach a filter adapter tube to the body of the camera and the lens resides then inside this tube. Many users leave this tube on the camera at all times with a UV filter on...just to protect the lens assmbly from dust, scratches, and the lens barrel from being bumped. It makes the camera larger, but personally I'd rather protect my investment. If you look near the bottom at the PFR-C70 on http://www.raynox.co.jp/english/digital/egolyc700uz.htm you'll see the lens tube on an Olympus C-700.

While on that page, also look at the various other lenses available to extend the function of the camera, like wide angle and telephoto...you can click on the links for sample images.

There are many places where you can order lens tubes. 52 is the best size (52mm is a common size for filters, etc. 55mm is a harder size to shop for). Of course your camera has to be designed to accept such a lens tube...not all digitals can; most of the Oly D-series can't)...if you need more help in this area, please mention which camera you own.

With diopters there are two types...first there's the diopter adjustment on the viewfinder...this is for people who need glasses to read...this allows them to adjust the viewfinder to see the display without needing glasses which get in the way.

The second type is a special lens (that looks like a filter) that goes on the camera itself...it makes the camera nearsighted you you can focus on close things and enlarge them (standard macro doesn't allow you to enlarge). The distance you can focus with these are very close, and it depends on the marking on the diopter. A +1 will at the camera's infinity, focus to 1 meter (39inches)...that means the furthest you can focus from an object is 1 meter, and no further. A +2 at infinity can focus at 1/2 a meter, +4 at infinity can focus to 1/4 of a meter (it's always 1/diopter meter). Here's an example of what it can do:

Again to attach this (or any other filter or lens) on many digitals you need the lens adapter tube...if you mentioned your digital camera's model number we could tell you what you need.
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I leave my adapter tube on the camera all the time to protect the lens from getting bumped. Which camera are you considering for your upgrade.
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Thanks Mike for all the information. I'm planning on getting a C-750uz. Did a lot of research and this appears to give me more 'bang for the buck.' My original camera is a SLR Nikon FM. Started digital this year with a D-380 and now want to move up. I mostly do pictures of animals (peoples pets), want to get in close and at my age slithering across the ground on my belly is undignified :roll:
Thanks to both of you for the information, I'm sure I'll be back with a bizillion more questions. Suzan
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