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Deiota Nov 23, 2003 10:33 PM

Lenses for C-750 UZ
As you already know I'm new at this subject of Digital photo and I bought a Olympus Camedia C-750 UZ. I have to admit that this camera is great!
I'm considering buying some lenses (or filters) to upgrade my camera, but first of all, I think is better ti buy a tube adapter to protect my camera and perhaps a UV filter and a polarizer!
I've checked some brands and reached Raynox. What do you think of this? I'm considering buying PFR-C70 Polarizer adn tube adapter whih, I think, protects my camera. Do I need something else to add to this kit? Do you advise other brand?
I love to do macro shooting and thats why I'm considering to buy a macro lens. Perhaps Olympus lens MCON-40 or perhaps Raynox DCR-150 orand DCR-250. What do you think of this? Is this worth the money?
Do I loose quality of Image if I shoot a macro pricture with this kind of klen? Or is this conidered a filter?
Love, Andrea

Mike_PEAT Nov 23, 2003 11:37 PM

A UV is recommended for protection (I almost never take mine off (unless I'm using another lens) A polarizer is used for the following (if you didn't know):

As for macro lenses I just went through this myself. Then one day I found a set of closeup diopter lenses (sometimes called filters) at a secondhand store for $3 so I bought them. The thing about diopters is at infinity focus you take the 1 over the diopter number which tells you how many metres away from the subject. For instance, a +4 diopter means the maximum distance away from the subject you can get is 1/4 of a metre, or 25cm (9.8 inches). Diopters are cheaper lenses than macro, and it might not be perfect optically close to the edges.

Here's an example from my C-700 with three diopters (+1, +2, & +4) on the lens at the same time to give +7 or 1/7th of a meter away maximum distance away from the subject...the zoom was at 300mm to enlarge the photo like this:

Deiota Nov 23, 2003 11:49 PM

Thanks for helping out!
I'll check that polarizer link!
What about brands? Olympus? Raynox? Other?
I've erad that Olympus is mmuch better than Raynox, what do you think? It is much more expensive to buy Olympus material, other than Rynos, or instance. Do you think is worth the money?
I'm pertty confused!
So you say taht i should Buy a tube adapter, and UV filter and polarizer, right? which ones?
What about the model and brand for the macro lens?
Love, Andrea

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