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Ah, thanks, Hyun...couldn't figure out why all the CLA-1 guys were going through all that...I also have the Tiffen...works great...you'd think that Olympus would make their adapter long enough so that you wouldn't need an additional step up ring.
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There's a reason for it but I'm buggered if I can remember what. Vinyetting maybe - how do you spell vignetting
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The CLA-1 is a few years old, and it was designed for past cameras. Someone at Oly decided to reuse the CLA-1 for this camera design, but they didn't take into consideration the length of the tubevs. the length of the lens (makes one wonder why they didn't design the camera for the CLA-4 used on the C-7x0 series).

Anyway, with narrower diameter tubes you can get vignetting on wider angles...with the CLA-4 clones you can get as small as 37mm but when you start adding filters, and converters it will suffer more than with the CLA-4's 55mm...the downside of the CLA-4 and other tubes close to its diameter is flash shadow as the tube blocks part of the flash.

It's 6 of one problem, and half dozen of the other problem.
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