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exagorazo Nov 19, 2003 1:28 PM

Major email problem with Camedia Master Pro software
There is a major problem with Camedia Master Pro software which prevents emailing of photos with many internet service providers. After spending several HOURS on the phone waiting in various cues and talking to tech support people, I eventually learned that this software has no capability to connect to internet servers which require user name and password. And apparently this applies to a very considerable number of ISP's. The fact that Microsoft Outlook works with your ISP has NO bearing on whether this software will work or not.

Before buying this software or the upgrade to "Pro" version, verify that it will work with your internet service by calling the ISP's tech support and asking if their server requires user name and password to connect. If they do (and many DO), you will not be able to use this software to send photos by email.

I find it staggering to learn that a company as huge as Olympus would sell software with such a fundamental and glaring flaw. Worse yet, they tell me that they have no plans to offer a patch or "upgrade" to alleviate the problem. (These are the same people who have intentionally designed their cameras to require the use of only Olympus brand xD cards in order to use the camera's panorama feature.)

This is not my idea of marketing which builds a good name or endears customers!

Mike_PEAT Nov 19, 2003 5:23 PM

The question I have, is what makes you want to use Camedia Pro for this task? I mean, I wouldn't use Outlook to edit photos and I certainly wouldn't complain about there something in the advertising that said it had this feature?

If I'm emailing a photo, I'd go into Outlook Express and just attach the file from there to the email...I wouldn't use a photo program to do it.

I'm sorry, but I don't see this as a flaw in Camedia; although I only use it for stitching panoramic photos.

To be honest, I can't think of one photo editing program that does what you're trying to do with Camedia.

gibsonpd3620 Nov 19, 2003 5:37 PM

Kodak Easy Share program does email photos from the program. The downside to this is that it becomes a part of the email and not an attachment so you can not do anyting with the photo. My sis was using it to send me pics and I convinced her to send them as attachments so I could print some of them.

exagorazo Nov 19, 2003 8:39 PM

One of the claimed features of the upgrade to the Pro version is the ability to easily email photos. The software is supposed to allow selection of photos from albums and inserts them in its own email format page, ready for subject line and message. The big feature it offers is automatic resizing of large files to an appropriate size for emailing. This would be much faster that the Outlook approach if it worked.

The front page of the software has an email button which gives access to this page and features. Unfortunately, it doesn't work if your ISP server requires a name and password. It can't send the email because it can't connect to the server and gives an error message.

Since the email feature was advertised as one of the benefits of the upgrade and since it doesn't work for ISP's as described, I consider it a major flaw which would have been sufficient to rule out consideration of the upgrade.

I should have added that to Olympus' credit, they acknowledged the issue and refunded the price of the upgrade. My preference would have been a patch that would make the software compatible with the various ISP servers and their password protocols. In any event, it cost me several hours of frustration while trying to reach the respective tech support people, finally leading to a dead end.

gibsonpd3620 Nov 19, 2003 10:02 PM

The Kodak Easy Sharing software is free from Kodak.

slipe Nov 19, 2003 10:47 PM

If I want to e-mail a photo I prefer to resize it myself rather than have a piece of software decide what size it should be sent as. If you put stuff in their albums it is hard to extract for normal use, so I don’t keep stuff there anyway. There are much better programs for organizing images than Camedia and some is free.

I got a deal I couldn’t refuse for the pro upgrade. It is great for the free stitching capabilities. Otherwise either Camedia or Camedia Pro is about as useless a piece of software as I have encountered. I take it you still have the pro version after the refund – it is pretty hard for them to take back since it is already on the computer when you install the regular version and just has to be unlocked. Play with the free stitch – it is fun. Here is a sample I happened to have on pbase from another discussion. The resulting shot from stitching the 4 shots was around 16Mp.

Bob Riggs Nov 20, 2003 2:51 PM

I e-mail a lot of pictures and have never considered using a editing program to send them! I use winXP and store my pictures in "My Pictures". XP has a great feature for resizing your high resolution images. It's installed from XP "Power Toys". While viewing an image In "My Pictures", right click on it and select "resize". A drop down will give you any size option you want. The default size is 640X480, the perfect size for emailing. It just takes a couple clicks! If I have a group to e-mail, it will do all highlighted thumbnails at once! It generates a the reduced image with "small" added to the file name. It leaves your original image in file. If I have group of pictures to send, I create a sub folder and title it "e-mail" and drag and drop the "small" image's to that folder. Then you can use any of your e-mail programs to send the pictures as an attachment or insert them on the face of your letter. I do this on almost a daily basis and it all becomes a simple "Second Nature" type thing! :lol:

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