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My Camedia C-3020 Zoom has just developed a problem when taking indoorpictures with the Auto-flash setting. Although the flash fires, the pictures areextremely dark and of very poor quality.

If I use the A/S/M My preference setting with the flash set to slow flash or fill flash, the pictures are fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the Auto Flash is malfunctioning? The camera is set to the "Reset On" which I believe restores the factory presets.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I would assume there is no simple correctiverepair that a user could make. Thanks
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Most models are going to use a shutter speed of around 1/60 second with flash indoors.

That's somewhat of a compromise setting. The idea is to make sure that the flash is the primary light source to reduce the chance of motion blur from subject movement (since the subject wouldn't be exposed by other light sources in most indoor conditions, and the flash burst is very fast).

So, if you're using other settings that allow the shutter to stay open longer, you'll get more exposure from ambient light sources (and more potential for motion blur from subject movement, since the subject may be exposed by light other than the short flash burst).

I'd post an example of what you're referring to. You can use something like Irfanview from http://www.irfanview.com and downsize the images to about 640 pixels wide for posting here (look under Image, Resize/Resample). Then, use the File, Save As menu choice and give it a new file name (leaving the boxes checked by default still checked so that we can see the EXIF information showing camera settings).

When making a new post, you'll see a browse button for attaching an image. See this post for more details:


My guess is that you're simply exceeding the flash range (it's rated for a maximum of 11.8 feet/3.6 meters).

Or, you've got a subject closer to the camera that it's picking up, and so that it doesn't overexpose the closer subject, it's using a shorter flash burst (if it tried to use a longer flash burst to expose parts of the image further away, closer subjects would be overexposed).

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