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:?I have an Olympus C-5050 digital camera. Tonight I hooked up the camera to the computer with the USB cable, selected all the pics to be moved, selected "My Pictures" on the computer, then created a new folder ("dumped_16aug2004"), then selected "Move", then watched as the little progress window showed the pics moving over, one by one. This is what always happens. However, this time, after the pics were done moving, I opened the folder I specified, and it's empty! I can't find the pics anywhere (yet) on the computer. True, if I had 'copied' the pics instead of 'moving' them, I'd still have them on the card in the camera. But I didn't, so I don't.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Is there a way to find these pics?

One thing - I noticed that my Norton Anti-Virus was doing the automatic download of new virus definitions while the pics were moving from camera to computer.

Thanks very much,

I'm Wabbaloo.
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Do a "Find File" or a "Search" from the Start menu. Choose to search for any files or folders on yourhard drive (you might have the option of choosing only pictures, but I've missed pics with that option checked for some reason) the key is to set thecreated/modified-on date to thedate that you did the xfer, and then just go thru the results.

The fact that you were updating your AV software isprobably a non-factor.

Hopefully this isn't a lesson learned hard, never trust dialog box transfers for treasured photos, always go to the actual window and make sure the pics are there before deleting them off your card.

Besides, it is best not to delete pictures off your card at all. After each offload, do a card reformat using your camera (only the cam, not your computer). This will not only empty your card of pics you took, but of unseen cataloguing and indexing files which tend to pile up unnoticed and eventually become potential problems.
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