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Default Need Teleconverter for C4000Z

I'd like to get a teleconverter lense for my C4000Z before my vacation in about month. I have the Tiffen tube adapter as well as the wide angle lense. I've been trying to obtain the Tiffen 2x, 43mm converter lense but it seems like nearly every vendor has them backordered with the manufacturer. Can anyone recommend another option? It doesn't look like I'll get the Tiffen before my trip.

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Tiffen recently filed for bankruptcy so I think their supply pipeline is kinda screwed up. Circuit City stores used to be sure bet for getting Tiffen setups, but their website shows no teleconverters anymore.

You have at least three other choices: Kenko, Raynox, and EagleEye. The first two I believe are 2x teleconverters, and the latter is 5x converter. I don' t have any first-hand experience with them (I have the Tiffen setup), but maybe others here can help.

Good luck. While external teleconverters are not nearly as elegant nor easy to use as native 6x zoom or higher, I feel they are well worth the effort.
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I have the Raynox DCR-1850 Pro and it works great with my C4040. Another good choice would be the Raynox DCR-1540 Pro. I don't know who sells the 1850, but you can get a 1540 at BugEye:


My experience with BugEye in the past has been excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

Hope this helps.
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I also have a C4000 and just purchased a Kenko KNT-20 2X teleconverter and a 43 - 52mm step ring to adapt it to my Tiffen tube. I'm well satisfied with the results when using it. The Filter Connection, www.2filter.com was the supplier and they're nice folks to deal with. They are close enough so that I could drive down and actually try the filter on my camera along with a few other tube, lens combinations. Hard to beat that kind of service. I too, was waiting for the Tiffen 2X and have the tube and wide angle. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies although I think I may have finally found the Tiffen lens on Toshiba's website of all places. It was listed as in stock and I should have it tomorrow (Monday). If this doesn't work out, I'll definitely pursue other models mentioned.
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I would recommend the new Olympus TCON-17 telephoto lens. Its an improved version of the famous B-300 telephoto lens. This version is said to be desgined for digital cameras. The C-4000 is even mentioned as one of the cameras that can exclusively use this lens. Look here http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?o...&sku=IOMTCON17
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