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Mike_PEAT Jun 26, 2003 2:47 AM

New FL-50 flash...
The new FL-50 flash (translated by Alta-Vista's Babelfish from a Japanese page):

The focal length 12mm (with 35mm conversion 24mm suitable) at the time the GN28 focal length 42mm (with 35mm camera conversion 85mm suitable) at the time new it is the large light intensity flash which was developed, in the one for digital single-lens reflex of the GN50. Illuminating angle adjusting to the lens, as it zooms automatically, can do also manual setting. In addition with the wide attachment the focal length 8mm (16mm suitable) it covers also wide illuminating angle with the 35mm camera. Also colorful luminous function such as curtain synchronizer after the red eye reduction slow synchronizer has. The GN is the when ISO100 suitable.

TTL automatic: After measuring the proper light intensity with pre-radiation, this it radiates. Automatic: It adjusts to the contraction of the lens, controls the luminous quantity in the light absorbent window of the FL-50. Manual: It radiates with the guide number which is set. FP-TTL automatic: It aligns even at high-speed shutter speed of 1/4000. FP- manual: The FP it radiates at the luminous quantity which it sets. The 1/3EV mark light intensity revision of the 3ev range is possible finely with step.

Red eye reduction radiation: The phenomenon where the eye is taken red by the radiation of the flash is made to lighten. Slow synchronizer: It radiates the flash with the slow shutter. Rear curtain synchronizer: The slow shutter is used, immediately before exposure ends, the flash radiates.

Use electric battery - Charge time - Frequency of radiation

Single 3 alkaline electric batteries (LR6 type) - Approximately 6.5 second - Or more of approximately 150 times

Single 3 lithium electric batteries (FP6 type) - Approximately 8.0 second - Or more of approximately 170 times

Single 3 nickel manganese electric batteries (ZR6 type) - Approximately 5.0 second - Or more of approximately 150 times

CR-V3 lithium electric battery pack (LB-01) - Approximately 4.5 second - Or more of approximately 220 times

Single 3 nicad electric batteries (1000mAh) - Approximately 4.0 second - Or more of approximately 120 times

Single 3 nickel hydride electric batteries (1900mAh) - Approximately 4.0 second - Or more of approximately 160 times

- Guide Numbers:
Set automatically as follows, 42mm: 50, 12mm: 28
- Illumination Angle (Equivalent to 35 mm camera angle) Set automatically as follows:
12(24)mm: 61 vertical
78 horizontal (covers a field angle of 12(24) mm);
42(85)mm: 21 vertical,
28 horizontal (covers a field angle of 42(85) mm);
In wide panel:(covers a field angle of 8(16) mm)
- Flash Modes TTL Auto, Auto, Manual ,FP TTL Auto, FP Manual Bounce Angle Upward: 0 - 90; Downward:7
to left: 0 - 90; to right: 0 - 180
- Power Supply
Four AA alkaline batteries
Four AA lithium batteries
Four AA Ni-manganese batteries
Two lithium battery packs (LB-01:CR-V3)
Four AA Ni-Cd batteries
Four AA Ni-MH batteries
- Size
133 (H) x 78(W) x 102(D) mm
- Weight
380 g (without batteries)

koinonia Jun 27, 2003 10:30 AM

Has anyone heard anymore about this new Vivitar flash?

Maybe a low cost alternative to OLy FL series?


Mike_PEAT Jun 27, 2003 5:54 PM

I knew about it myself, and even wrote about it over at the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group (just the specs).

The thing about the DF200 is it's a slave waits to see the flash from the camera (or any camera) and then fires. Slave flashes try to *guess* what the camera needs. Other slaves include the Digi-Slave line, and the Metz 34-CS2. The 720 and 740 have no choice to use these type of flashes as they have no external flash socket or hotshoe.

There's another type of flash type called TTL (Through The Lens) and this type talks with the camera so it knows what the camera wants and needs and then adjusts accordingly (although it's more complicated than this). Although the Oly FL series are the perfect mates for the Oly digitals (that accept external flashes), there are other third party TTL flashes available (like the much cheaper Promaster flashes, but the autofocus assist lamp doesn't seem to work with the C-7x0 series)...check out this site for more flash options:

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