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Default new UZI Owner! :filter: UV vs Skylight?

With the recommendations from you folks & the folks over at DPReview, I finally took the plunge & got myself my very own UZI. It arrived two days ago & I have just had an incredible time playing with it!!! I just can't put it down. The picture quality & the variety & ease of controls plus the "fun factor" far exceeds my Fuji 2800 (now sold) and the Sony S75 that I use for work. The 10x & IS are *amazing*!

I have already purchased a SM128mb card, a SM card reader, & two sets of GP 1700NiMh batteries for backup -- I'm still debating whether to get the Maha204 charger but I'll prolly just stick with the BU-100 that came with the camera for now, although the batteries do get a bit hot. (I had the Maha204 but sold it with the Fuji2800 -- since the UZI came with it's own).

The other "recommended" purchase was a UV filter to protect the lens, if nothing else. In my days of amateur analog photography, the "skylight" filter was the *must have* for all lenses. Is there something different with the optics of digicams or are the filters essentially the same thing? If I dig around, I might have an old 49mm skylight from a previous camera & was wondering if it will suffice for my UZI or should I get the new UV ($12.99 on ebay)?
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In reguards to the filter to protect the lens thing. As far as I can tell this is one of those "Urban Myths" that gets passed on because no one ever asks the question, just what are you protecting. I can think of nothing that can happen to the exposed end of a lens that a filter in front of it could protect in anyway. In my mind the lens cap is all the protection one needs and is actually better protection than any filter could be. ...Bill
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Default Filter for protection


Not only a urban-legend. Filters CAN and DO protect (up to a level).

I also have one one my UZI (and all other cams & lenses I got), and I've been using my UZI since the day it first came available. In all kinds of weather, also in desert area, sandstorms etc.

The filter catches the dirt & dust etc. and I can clean it in the field without worring about scratching the front lens element.

Additionally, after years of use & cleaning, coatings on front elements can fade (seen that happen to quite a few 'old' lenses that where cleaned once to often.

One time, my uzi plunged a couple of feet down onto a road. Filter ring bend a bit, glass shattered. But it took the impact (must admit, dumb luck, but without the filter, no doubt that the lens / lensbarrel would have had been harmed.

Also, one I had the uzi hanging on the strap around my neck. I 'swinged' it against a corner of a table when bending to grab something..... SMASH! Big star in the filter.... Would not have liked that to have happened to my front element.......

Anyhow, for those who are not as clumsy as me, and who only work in a vacuum environment with no dirt, dust, sand, moist, and thus never have to clean a lens, a filter is indeed not required.

And dont get started about "additional flare" and "Another glass surface that degrades the image". Both true, but not up to levels that would be noticable, never had either a customer or anybody say "Hey, looks like that was taken with a UV filter...".

Bottom line: if you feel like it, get the filter, if you dont feel like it, dont. Both have their advocates. My opinion is clear.

Good luck
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i agree with fotograafdigi
Skylight and uv protect your lens anyway, be it finger prints, dust, dirt, dents and dings, and sometimes from moisture and maybe fungus,
one should always put on a filter.
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Which Oly did you buy? You will require a tube to add filters for your camera. You may also require a step up ring. Go to www.2filter.com. I purchased a Kenko tube and stepup ring from them for about $20. The use of filters to protect the lens depends on your use. If you shoot all you shots indoors and very few outdoors then filters are not necessary. If you shoot alot of shots outdoors then you should use a UV filter. I use the the UV filter for the same reason I wear sunglasses. The UV rays of the sun can affect the optics of the camera after time. I also use polarizer because I like the resluts. Filters have the same uses in the digital cameras as with 35mm. Urban legends sometimes are based on facts.
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