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Default Nikon Speedlight With Olympus?

I am looking to buy the Nikon Speedlight SB-900 and was wanting to use it on an Olympus E-520, but I've read that it could cause malfunctions with the camera. I was just wanting some other opinions and advice if anyone knew anything more than this. Thankyou heaps.
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Not to mention that the contacts on the foot & hotshoe won't match up, trigger voltages may exceed what is tolerated by the 520 and fry your camera. *IF* the trigger voltage is safe, you can *possibly* tape/cover all but the center contact and use it manually (No TTL). Here's a list of flashes and their trigger voltages. Don't know if the SB-900 is on it but you can have a look. http://goo.gl/Cw2VR
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Several manufacturers out there make speed lights - hot shoe flashes and if you look at any of there lines you will notice they have options for Cannon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus etc..... each one requires a different voltage/connection on the foot etc so you'll want to get one that is clearly marked for use with an Olympus.....

I am using a vivitar branded flash but was marked for use with pentax D-SLrs when I bought it and it works great on my Pentax K-5.
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It would probably work, as it does have a non TTL Auto Mode.

But, you'd have to use Manual Exposure on the Olympus and Non-TTL Auto Mode on the SB900, setting the SB900 for the same ISO speed and aperture you've got dialed on on the camera using Manual Exposure (which would mean digging through the SB900 menus each time you wanted to change Aperture or ISO speed on the camera).

There would be no communication between the camera and flash for settings info. The camera would only be triggering it.

Basically, there would be no good reason to do it that way, versus just buying a non dedicated flash to do the same thing, with easier access to settings trying to use one that way.

Bottom line, it's not a good choice for use on an Olympus camera. ;-)

I'd either buy a dedicated flash model designed to work with the Olympus (so that the camera and flash can communicate properly to control the flash), or I'd buy a non dedicated flash if you want to use it as above (setting the camera and flash to match for ISO speed and Aperture).

It would make no sense to try and use an SB900 that way (as a non dedicated flash), unless you already happened to own one and didn't mind "jumping through hoops" to use it's non TTL Auto mode, setting the camera and flash to match for ISO speed and aperture.
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