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Default No User firmware upgrades?

Why is it Olympus does not allow the user to easily download upgraded the firmware without having to send it back to their service center and not see the camera for a month?

Canon's firmware upgrade policy is great, it is nice being able to download the latest version from their website and flash the camera on site.

Saves alot of hassle and it seems updated Olympus firmware usually solves the bugs, but creates another hassle trying to obtain getting the new firmware.
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Olympus is funny about the firmware upgrades...when you ask them about it, they deny that they exist; although when you send your camera in it comes back (usually) with the latest firmware. Also they won't upgrade the firmware just for the sake of it, there has to be something else wrong with the camera.

Norman Camera had a chat once with an Oly tech, and I put the following question to them:

"Why can't we do firmware upgrades on our cameras; I've done them on computers, CDRs, modems, PDAs, and when going to a Canon page and clicking on a camera link, a window popped up saying there was a firmware upgrade available for free and where I can download it...why not Olympus?"

<William Carp, Technical Representative with Olympus America> We feel the opportunity for an error while upgrading firmware is too great and we would prefer the camera be serviced by the Olympus repair dept. This way we can control the environment in which a camera is upgraded and assure that it gets done right without harm to the camera.

(IOW, we're too stupid to do it ourselves.)

My next question to Olympus (if I get another chance) is why they don't put a focus assist beam on their C-7x0 cameras since they need it...the C-2100 had it, and that had the same focal length as the C-7x0. For me the C-750 is almost perfect, except for the lack of a focus assist beam.
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We should vote with our feet and stop buying Oly.
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Old Jul 19, 2006, 12:33 AM   #4
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Last November I purchased anOlympus C8080 that needed a firmware upgrade and I was able to do the upgrade myself. The camera is absolutely great. If I could ask for an improvement it would be for higher ISO numbers without noise and Optical image stability in low light.

My C8080 isa solid and creative digital camera. A real professional quality camera.

When I move up, and I will, it will be to another Olympus like the Evolt 330 or E500 but not until it has the likes of the new Leica D 14 - 50 mm f2.8 with optical image stability. This new Leica 4/3rds lens may just work on the Olympus cameras.

Leica D 14-50 mm F2.8-F3.5 lens (4/3 System): Digital Photography Review
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Before 2 years we bought our family Oly C740UZ.
I made a mistake and flashed the camera with the firmware from the Olympus site. After that I realised that it was older than the one which was on the camera . I used the camera with the older firmware and it was worse than the newer (which I lost).
After several months I succeeded to find the newer firmware - not from the Oly site. I was lucky to download it because after 2-3 weeks it was removed. I think that Olympus Co has forced the site from which I downloaded the firmware to remove it. This is an example of Olympus firmware policy.
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