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Default Olympus 750UZ or 5050z

I'm hoping that someone in the forum can help me with the decision on which camera to buy. I am looking at either the 750UZ or the 5050z. Both very good camera's. Hence the difficult choice.

The 5050 has a number of extra features than the 750 but the 750 has the 10x zoom lens while the 5050 has a 3xzoom. What are peoples opinions on the 10xzoom, would the 10x be a reason to choose the 750? What does the 10x zoom add? Is there an external lens that can be attached to the 5050 to increase the zoom length?

Thanks for your feedback,
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I have bought the C750.
For me the choice was simple...I wanted a zoom camera and this camera had it. I too thought of buying another camera and attaching zoom lenses to it.After looking at the prices of after market lenses that had only half the zoom of th C750 for as much as half the price of the camera!!!! I forgot about going that route pretty quick.
It comes down to how much you want the zoom I suppose......yes you can crop most pictures to get the effect but if ya cant get the pic in the first place because you can't zoom enough.....
As you can tell I'm happy with my purchase and from what I can remember the 5050 does have a few more gadgets but the optical zoom is weak.
Don't be fooled by any comments about blurry pics with the zoom...yes they happen at full zoom sometimes but take your time,rest your arms on something and shoot.Better yet buy a tripod.I took over 500 pics in the first two days and i'll admit I discarded 175 of them.....isn't that the joy of having a digicam though?
Imho this is a great cam and I couldn't live without the zoom.....email me any questions if you wish

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Old Jul 28, 2003, 2:02 PM   #3
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To be candid, you can add extra lens to either the 5050 or the 750 to give them more tele or wide-angle ability (you need what's called a filter tube adapter for either camera to attach converters or filters to the camera).

I think the one thing the 5050 has going for it is its super bright f1.8 lens which is better in lower light.

The lenses are 35-105mm for the 5050 compared to the 38-380mm for the 750. Once you start using an ultra-zoom camera like the 750 you don't want to go back to a limited zoom camera.

You've got to really try both, or at least see examples of the difference in zoom between 105mm and 380mm to know which you want...all depends on what you want to shoot.
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Old Jul 28, 2003, 2:15 PM   #4
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The 750 for me.
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I vote for the 5050. I do not require long zoom for most of my shots. I do have a telephoto converter that I am when I want a little extra zoom. If you want very good low light pictures then get the 5050. If you want the long range shots buy the 750. You are the only one that knows where you shooting preferences will fall.
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Old Aug 13, 2003, 6:38 AM   #6
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Just wanted to say thank you for the information, you helped in my decision. Just to let you know I picked up my 750 yesterday and so far have been having a lot of fun with it.

You may hear from me yet as this digi thing is all very new to me.

Thanks Again.
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About 3 weeks ago I purchased a C750UZ and have been absolutely loving it ever since! To go from a Kyocera S3 (yea I know, and I never would have bought it 2+ years ago if I would have read about it) to the 750 is a complete night and day difference. Now I have an excuse to get out more and enjoy the great outdoors and find myself not ever wanted to go out without the camera. Everyday for about the last 3 weeks has been a day of discovery on how to use the features on the camera, and the results have been amazing IMHO
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