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Ignorance Apr 20, 2004 8:51 AM

Olympus batteries = Sanyo?

I allready guessed that Olympus doesn't make their own batteries and batt. chargers (since they neither make their own xD-cards).
But since in the manual o/t charger is written that you may not use other batteries than the Olympus ones, I guess I'd better watch out...
Well. I just heared that Olympus rebrands Sanyo batteries and Sanyo batt. chargers.
So: are my camera and charger safe if I buy and use a set of 4 Sanyo batteries?


Sorry, I should have posted this under the section "Batteries or Power Packs". I just found a part of the answer on
But I'm still wondering whether the "Sanyo-rebranding" is right...

I guess I cannot move this post to the other thread myself :(

kalyan064 Apr 20, 2004 10:01 AM

I am using Sanyo rechargable batteries 2100 for my c750 with very good results.

jkusmier Apr 20, 2004 11:27 AM

Just legal boilerplate. You can use batts by any manufacturer. I use some 1800mAh, but you can use 2100 - will simply take longer to achieve full charge.

HerbertRD Apr 21, 2004 3:21 AM

Sanyo Batteries
As a part of my work I have done professional capacity tests with different brands of high capacity NiMH batteries. Most manufacturers were not honest about the rated capacity. In my tests only Sanyo came out trustworthy.

All other brands stayed at least 20% below the promised capacity. Another problem was varying source resistance among batteries of similar type and brand. At two occasions a set of 4 part-charged cells would be recognized as "discharged" because of one failing cell.

Sanyo HR-3U 2100mA cells are rated "2100mA typ., 2000mA guaranteed". I measured 12 cells with almost identical 2080mA. Source resistance of all cells was way below 50mOhm. Needless to say that they do a real good job in my Olympus cameras.

Regards, Herbert

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