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Default Olympus c-4000z aand Panoramic Mode??

I just picked up my C-4000z again, haven't used it is some time and I wanted to try out the panoramic mode. I have an Olympus smart media card so that is not an issue for my problem. I go into the mode and I get the display listed below from Steve's review


My question is does that give you the preview from the previous picture you took? I know with my older Canon s100 I can see the first picture I took and can some what line up the (2) pictures and so on. Thanks in advance for any help.
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The answer to your question is "no." Turning on record view will display the last frame taken for 2 seconds, and that is very helpful in lining up your panoramas. In a left to right panorama, memorize what's in the right hand box of your first pic, and pan right, keeping the horizon indicator on the same line, ending up with the same image in the left hand box for your next shot. Take your next pic, and proceed on until you have finished (or reached the maximum number of pics allowed for the panorama). Then, just change any camera mode to exit the panorama function. You'll stitch the pictures together using the Camedia software, and find the panos marked sequentially for your convenience.
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Unfortunately Olympus method requires you to remember what was in the last shot.

There's at least one camera I've seen out there (don't remember model or manufacturer) that actually shows 1/5th of the previous picture on the LCD so you can line everything up perfectly.
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Originally Posted by Mike_PEAT
There's at least one camera I've seen out there (don't remember model or manufacturer) that actually shows 1/5th of the previous picture on the LCD so you can line everything up perfectly.
My Casio QV-5700 does this, and it works perfectly. The right edge of the last frame is displayed transparently down the left edge of the next. I am delighted with this facility, and it has impressed friends who are professional photographers. I *could* post the results, but they're >11MB jpegs, so I don't think you'd thank me.

You'll need a viewing aid to see the LCD monitor properly in ordinary daylight, of course. I use a bogroll cardboard core plus a 50p hand lens, and others use 30 ukpound/dollar add-on viewing hoods. If you're on a tripod, you need to get it level, and I have found this very difficult even with the aid of 2 spirit levels. My results done by eye are just as good with the Casio's overlap facility.

HOWEVER, I've also done successful panoramas 'for the millennium', using my OM-10 and my filmscanner, just by eye, remembering a landmark at the right-hand edge of the previous shot. One of mine was mounted & framed by a local farmer's wife (and enthusiastic photographer) and displayed over the mantelpiece of the local pub for a few months, so it must have impressed some people.

This will work for any old camera. The key is to keep the camera as level as possible, and overlap more rather than less when in doubt. There's a whole discussion group here about it -"Panoramas/stitching".
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