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ociepka Mar 22, 2003 5:59 PM

Olympus C-730 Focus mark moves
I just purchased this C-730 and noticed when set to iESP auto focus the target mark may jump to a different location than in the middle of the viewer. It decides what it wants to focus on. This doesn't happen when AF is set to SPOT mode although it will do it in macro/spot mode. Is this normal?

One Olympus Tech. said it was it was a glitch and needed to be reset and take the batteries and card out for 24 hours. That didn't work. I talked to another tech and he said it was normal.

Does this happen to anyone else out there?

I also notice this C-730 isn't as good for indoor flash shots as the D460Z

Mike_PEAT Mar 22, 2003 9:27 PM

If you just bought the camera, give yourself time to get used to may have own a previous Oly but the C-series is a different class and improvements have been made.

The AF mark is SUPPOSED to move on the C-730, check page 68(69 in Acrobat) of the reference manual (on the CD) on the page titled, "AF AREA — Changing the position of the AF target mark".

As for indoor shots, I've gotten great shots with my C-700...the secret is not to zoom in, but rather get close to your subject.

There are a couple of groups on Yahoo dedicated to this series, the which concentrates more on the 730 (may be better for your 730 specific technical questions), and which has bi-weekly assignment competition and it's a more friendly (chatty) atmosphere (I'm in this one). But some people don't like the Yahoo group format, and there are a few dedicated 730 owners here too.

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