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Default Olympus C-750 - Care

I have searched the manuals and there is no information concerning foul weather use. I am assuming that the camera is not weather resistant, but really don't know.

Could someone please give me advice on the care of this camera. I am especially interested in what precautions should be taken when using it under inclement conditions (rain, snow), or whether it should be used at all.

Thank you.
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The first thing I would do to protect the camera is get a lens tube and filter from http://www.2filters.com./ .

I have never been fond of using any camera in the rain, but I would think the Olympus C-7XX series is as safe as any for such use.
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Default Weather Conditions


I remember reading in the Reference Manual that the Camera should not be used in the rain!

Cannot remember whether it was the 740 or 750 manual but I should think the same applies to both!
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If you are really serious about rain shooting you can get a waterproof case for the C-7x0 (making sure it's the correct one for your generation of C-7x0). Another suggestion although it doesn't have the zoom of the C-7x0 is to look at the weather resistant Olympus Stylus cameras.
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I have used (not by choice most times) my c750uz in some very light rain (spitting) a few times without any ill effects....but this was very light amount of rain and very small drops at that. As stated above I would 110% recommend a lens tube and a filter to cover up the cameras stock lens and all of its hardware. Thats the part I would expect to have the most issues from being exposed to water next to the lcd. I think common sence comes into play when shooting in the rain, if your getting a little wet...so is your camera!
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