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Default Olympus C-750UZ Durability

Just got back today from a trip throughout Peru

I visited Lima, Cuzco, & Machu Picchu areas

The DAY before Machu Picchu, while climbing out of a dark cave, i passed my C750 up to someone in our group who already exited. Somehow she fumbled and dropped my camera. It fell a good 20 feet banging hard off granite walls into the darkness. I thought i'd never see it again (along with a week's worth of irreplaceable pictures). The tour guide climbed down and fortunately found it but it took a real beating. One no camera should ever take....

The electronic view finder is all out of wack and needs serious repairs (blurry,skewed), but the main body, flash, lcd, and lense incredibly survived to continue to take great pictures throughout my adventure to Machu Picchu!

I will post some pictures when i get a chance.

Trip of a lifetime!

Tough camera :twisted:
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Yikes. Well at least you survived. Got your pictures. Were not kidnapped by the Shining Path or anything.
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Tony, sorry to hear about your camera but happy that you were still able to get some good photos! I have the same exact camera and will be going to Lima, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru and also Bolivia this coming June. If you have any hints/tips for photos or the trip itself, I would love to hear about them. Thank you.

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Hopefully some of this will help you Carol, I'm from NJ too

Definitely learn how to use the camera under very bright lighting. I used auto mode mostly, and probably could've gotten much better pictures had I known more about c750. Just got camera recently before trip. We had great weather so the light was strong, and often facing you up in the mountain areas. Remember we went in March, i'm not sure how the conditions will be when you get there in June.

I was in Lima for only 2 days, we stayed in Miraflores area. There is a very good restaurant on the Pacific Ocean called La Rosa Nautica. Its on pedestals on the ocean, really an amazing setting to eat and watch sunset. People in my group tried all types of food there, but i can attest the london broil was very good. I didnt try anything too crazy on this trip at all, wanted my stomach to hold up. People I traveled with tried guinea pig, alpaca, fish. Seems like most of the milk comes from alpaca or llamas or goats so it tasted a little different. I am a picky eater so I ate very little Peru food.

We went to two museums in Lima, archaelogical and some other incan art one. I can find names if you're interested. Lima was a little nuts for me, a lot of crazy small cars spitting out dirty fumes beeping like crazy. I dont think there are traffic signals in Lima so pay attention! Was hot and muggy in March too. I hate humidity. You may have completely different weather when you're going.

Cuzco is absolutely gorgeous!!! We arrived in hotel, they right away give you glasses of cocoa tea to help with the altitude adjustment (mixed with a little lime it tastes rather good). I sat on balcony overlooking the plaza for a couple hours drinking tea, was very refreshing. I tried chewing some cocoa leafs too but that was just gross. If you take it easy, adjusting to altitude wasn't really hard. Just gotta take your time the first few hours. Not sure what kind of traveler you are, our trip was mostly all coordinated by a travel company. I can get you names if you want (u should reserve stuff months in advance from what i hear).

We stayed right on the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco. Thats like the main square. There are tons of shops with gifts to buy at super cheap prices, including cheap restaurants. Most prices are negotiable with the vendors, but all together american money makes you an instant millionaire anyway in Peru. It can get annoying with lots of people soliciting your business in Cuzco, similar to internet popup ads basically. Some rather persistant, even little kids. Staying with a group is a good idea or you can get a little cornered. Plus i'm super white like powder so naturally i didn't just blend into the scenery. It wasn't threatening at all, just annoying after a while.

Perched high above the city is some complex called Sacsayhuamán. When you're in the plaza de armas if u look up you'll see a huge statue overlooking city, seems miles away. This is where you go (I took a cab up to conserve energy). Its a massive ruins site, we found a horse back riding tour in this area. It cost only 10 soles per person for a 2 hour ride (less than $3 american). We had an english speaking guide too who took us through caves & ruins. I think his name was Jessie, i can confirm it if you're interested. Make sure to secure your camera in the caves . I highly recommend trying the horseback riding through the andes above cuzco. I was overwhelmed with emotions while doing that. Me on a white horse riding through the Andes? only in a dream....

The train ride to Machu Picchu wasn't the most comfortable. Seats didn't recline and you're facing another seat so legroom was a bitch if ur tall. Almost impossible to sleep in that position. The ride is slow and at times u smell the trains diesel which was making me feel sick after a while (4hr ride from cuzco). However some of the scenery along the way is amazing along the Urubamba River Valley. Not sure if you're going to do the inca trail, i'm so glad i didn't. Even without the inca trail there was still a great deal of walking and climbing at various altitudes so be prepared for a lot of exercise on this trip to peru. More than i've ever experienced on a "vacation" (it was much more an adventure). The train makes a few stops before you finally arrive at macchu picchu. Then you get to hop on a bus for a windy steep road up to the complex. There is a hotel that overlooks the actual ruins, but it cost somewhere near $650 a night when we went. During peak season probably $1000. (Note: if you take that train back from macchu picchu at night, take a look up at the sky, it is an amazing star display, must be something hiking the inca trail and looking up at that at night)

So you made it to macchu picchu now We had some cool weather, a dense fog was there when we first arrived, and you could hardly see the ruins. At times it would be completely invisible which led to a lot of anticipation and mystery. Then suddenly it passed and unveiled exactly what u see on the postcards. 100% Amazing. We had a guide who took us around a little bit, to some nice photo points, and throughout the complex. We had buffet lunch around 2 at that expensive hotel (it was included in our trip package). After that were were free to hike whichever way you want. We went up the inca trail to i think it was called the sun gate. Thats where people who did the real inca trail hike first see macchu picchu from i believe. That alone was a rough hike to get to (i think 1.5 miles uphill). It was a good view. Remember the last bus to take you down to the macchu picchu town leaves at 5:30. Dont think u want to miss it... We stayed at the Macchu Picchu Inn which was very nice. Had great view from my hotel room of surrounding valley.

Hope some of this info helped, how long are you staying for? I hear manu national park to the east of cuzco contains some spectacular wildlife displays. We didn't have enough time to visit amazon area also. That will be another trip and I think u need vaccinations.

It is an adventure of a lifetime!
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