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KSS Apr 19, 2004 12:13 AM

Olympus C-8080WZ Lens Wobble!
Hello Everyone,

Well, I decided on Friday to purchase an Olympus C-8080WZ. My initial impression is that I am going to enjoy this camera. I have a question for other C-8080 owners. When I lightly shake the camera it rattles and you can feel a movement in the body of the camera. On closer inspection I found that the lens has a wobble in it. It wobbles in all directions. Side to side and up and down. Does anyone else have this same issue. Should I return the camera? Thank you in advance for your input.


HerbertRD Apr 19, 2004 7:05 AM

Lens Rattle

It is a camera identification feature, traditional for most C-type Olympus cameras. With this feature you can identify your camera even at total darkness - by lens rattle. You should be concerned if there was no rattle. :lol:

Seriously: to my knowledge ALL Olympus cameras with telescopic lens mechanism do wobble with no negative effect except for the annoyance.

Regards, Herbert

KSS Apr 19, 2004 8:51 PM

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for the info. Good to know. Thanks for the laugh too. I did go and look at several other C-8080WZ's and the result was that in fact my camera did have more of an extreme lens wobble than any of the other C-8080WZ's I compared it too. My dealer and the Olympus rep agreed and they have ordered me a new one. Perhaps it was just a fluke in that one unit. I do have to say I was impressed at Olympus's response and quick turn around to get me a new camera within two days! I love my C-2100UZ and I know I am going to love my C-8080WZ. Knowing that Olympus has great customer support only makes owning an Olympus a better experience. Thanks again Herbert for your input.


jawz Apr 19, 2004 9:02 PM


Seriously: to my knowledge ALL Olympus cameras with telescopic lens mechanism do wobble with no negative effect except for the annoyance.

While this is true; it is also true that the telescopic lens is, how shall I put it, less than robust. A careless sideways thwack to the lens assembly while extended can result in herbert's first comment--the case when you don't hear the rattle--cuz the lens assembly is either jamed or dislodged.

Best bet is to add an extension tube and UV filter to 'armor' your lens from an accidental premature trip to the Oly hospital.

A somewhat dated link, but you'll get the idea:

KSS Apr 20, 2004 11:39 PM

:D Thank you "jawz for the helpful link. It is a good resource!

waldy Apr 21, 2004 7:59 AM

Hallo KSS,

can you post here, when you get your new C-8080, whether the new objective also rattles? With my Olympus rattles the objective after 0,5mm all side.


KSS Apr 21, 2004 5:53 PM

Hi Waldy,

I sure will, no problem.


KSS Apr 27, 2004 11:49 PM

Hello Waldy and Everyone,

My New Replacement Olympus C-8080 arrived on Friday Night. I was excited to get it. To answer your question Waldy, the lens did not have the same wobble as in C-8080 that it replaced. The lens was very secure. However, when I got the camera home, I set it up, took four normal shots and all seemed to appear fine. However I noticed a different noise in this camera. I went to take a macro shot of a coin and the camera starting making a loud clicking noise and would not focus. I turned the camera off and then turned it back on. This time the camera started clicking when I turned it on and would not focus, or stop clicking. Turned it off, took out the battery to allow for a clean reboot, and to no avail, it did the same thing. I could have cried. I took it back the next day and the camera store refused to order me another camera. The interesting thing here is when I picked the camera up I noticed that the box had damage. A crushed corner like the camera had been dropped. The camera store assured me that it was the way they took it out of the box that Olympus shipped it in. They said the outside shipping box was not damaged like the camera box inside. I almost refused taking the camera, but I was assured that it was fine. So I am not sure what happened. Was there manufacturing problems with the camera? Did Olympus really ship it (the damaged box) that way to the dealer? If so, why would they do that? I am very disappointed. Not to mention all the time I have put into research, and driving to the camera store (an hour away). Now what to do is the question? I need to upgrade to a new camera. Should I try another C-8080? Or should I move on to another? UGH!! I did take pictures of the box and will send them with a letter to Olympus. It is all very discouraging. Is Olympus quality slipping? Or were these two cameras problems a fluke?Was it possible this one had been dropped along the way before I got it? Thatís the update! Wish it was better news!

Kevin-(Pondering another New Camera Purchase!)

Olympus C-2100UZ, WCON-0.7x, TCON-1.7x

[email protected] Apr 28, 2004 7:51 AM


You should try another C-8080. I've experience none of the problems which folks discussed here on this thread. The Olympus is a very solid build camera, out of the 5 new 8 megapix cameras, I would rate this camera as the top, especially the lens ( I also owned the Sony F828and the Canon Pro1). I think Olympus did a better job than any other camera makers in this category and they spent much more time to design the lens, solid contruction, excellent optics. As you can see this lens size is huge compare to most of the other P/S digicam with the filter size of 58mm, same as the Sony's Carl Zeiss on the DSC-F828. The only low point of the Olympus zoom lens is: It should come with a manual zoom lens control ring (like the Sony) instead of the power level zoom swich control.

Being said that, I still think Olympus is the best 8 megapix of the five, todate. I also found an internet dealer that sells the optional BLM1 battery (made by Delkin devices) for less than $21 (fedex 2 days included), this is the best deal I 've seen so far. So add on the optional battery grip, spend another $60 for 3 additional batteries, you are in good hand for any shooting trip. Folks, if you need the link to the website, email me...


PhilD Apr 28, 2004 4:58 PM

Mine doesn't wobble.

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