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Default my 8080 first day

I recieved my C-8080 camera yesterday from www.buydig.com came really fast by Fed Ex and I'm going to share my thoughts, sorry if I ramble on.
I used the camera like a point and shoot.

I found the camera really easy to run for my uses, using flash and fill flash, and changing the quality and resolution and switching between types of cards. ( I dont change shutter or aperture so far). I love the quick view to go back and forth between taking the photos and looking at the photos and I can delete in this mode too. It is very very fast as far as shutter lag and shot to shot, start up time, just like Dave, JENS, DC Newbie and srp said, even with the flash. I was very happy with that.

I had read that some reviews mention the odd use of layout of the buttons and generally how you use the camera, but it seems easy to find the things. Like finding fill flash, or resolution and quality, quick view, setup for the camera and so on.

I like the quick view! and I also heard complaints about the manual being on a CD. I have to disagree, when I wanted to know how to use the remote, I went to the computer manual and chose <edit, find>, typed in <remote> and up came the answer. That is better than a book! I wish I had all manuals on the computer!

I'm forever putting the camera up to take a photo and the viewfinder is blank and I have to push the button to turn off the LCD. It is great to see the <quickview> photo right in the viewfinder, then I can quick take another if they put their head down or something, <but> it also takes longer to take the next photo. So I can't decide if i should shut off the quickview or leave it on. Cant have it all I guess !!

I did get red eyes on 1 photo out of 20, not bad. Took a photo in a almost dark room of my adult daughter with low light with flash and it looks just like the lights were on, not all glary and red eyed like you'd expect. Took a no flash and got a blurry photo. I'd like to try church, gym yet for low light, but at home, I'm getting blurry photos.. So here is where I have a complaint. Blurriness

When I try photos of the kids, they turn out pretty good as long as I remember to put up the flash, with no flash, they aren't clear, but I assume from camera movement. I dont know if i can learn to be steady or not. I'm worried it will be a problem for me. Does anyone else have trouble with that? It did help in the house, when I use the flash more often. If I use Telezoom, then they are all blurry.

As for outside, I get good enough photos of the kids, but when I zoom in on the computer, they aren't that clear. I suppose movement again. But seems I dont have that problem with other cameras. Is this normal because of no IS

So far, I have been getting about 3 out of 5 photos blurry, so I need to work on the steadiness or do I need to get a camera with IS (Jens, does 5060 or 5050 have IS, just in case?) Are some people unable to hold a camera steady, or can I learn?

Nothing surprised me about the camera (because of all the answers I got from you guys on the forum) except the size of the camera . It's not quite like my brothers SLR, but bigger than my 2020. Also, I was surprised at how easy it was to use. I knew the no IS was not great, but I'm sure hoping to override it with steadiness or something, cause I love the speed of this digital camera as far as start up time, shot to shot and shutter lag.

If anyone has any ideas on holding my camera still without a tripod or ropes and gadgets! Maybe I need to change a setting or something? or is that just hopeful thinking? I really hadn't ever had trouble with my steadiness with my 2020, canon power shot70 or Fuji 1200, or Nikon 3100.

I see that Gabor's photos with her tripod with no light are clear, compared to mine handheld, but i really cant run around with a tripod.

By they way, I also like the macro shots, now they are not blurry, even hand held. I love the close ups of my daughters eyes and I can read the text of a macro shot of a page in a book.

guess I'm not only telling my thoughts on the C-8080, I'm also looking for advice.

a sample of some of the first things i tried are here at



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Hi wbichelaer

As I mentioned before, I agreed that the manual focus ring from Canon Pro1 and KM A2 are great. But, after compared the image quality, machine response, pricing and after-sale service, I finally go for Oly8080.

I do not have problem on the Manual focus button (Up and downward button next to the LCD), and I find that it is easy to use. :P
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Default update

Its been three days since I got my C-8080 and I love it.
I got some help on forums for my blurry photos (spot metering helped) and I've set up soem My Mode custom settings. It seems really easy to use and fast.

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I am over the moon with this camera. The results are very impressive although most of my obsession is with macros - I am very happy with the results.

Have a look here and see what can be taken using thiscamera !


To be honest I doubt you could go far wrong with most of the 8meg compacts, they all have their pros and cons. But for quality it is a tossup between the Canon Pro 1 and the Olympus - personally I think the Olympus has the edge ;-)

Steve (UK)
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