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The WCON-08E is an excellent wide angle lens. It's optically just as sharp and clear as the standard C-2100 lens. This comes in handy if you're photographing individual rooms in a house. You'll need a 49-55mm step up ring to use this lens.
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I have had an E100RS since Jan. 2002 and love it. Im just a roookie at taken serious shots , but learning fast!

If ya want to check out some of my shots with it go to my site k.


love my E100 , my husband is jealous, he tells everyone i dont let him touch it,lol..
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I bought a C-2100 at Walmart and returned it because it had a bad pixel in the image CCD.Every photo had a black spot on it.I then ordered an E-100RS online that also had a bad CCD.After returning it I tried 2 more before I got one that didn't have any bad pixels.That cost me a lot of shipping charges.But I am very happy with the one I have now even though it came with a bad pixel in the electronic viewfinder.So I would say YES there was a production problem with BOTH of these cameras.From my experience anyway...
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Okay I did a proper test last night after the original version of this post (which I did very badly).

Test 1 - Hot pixels
Left on the lens cap
Switched to full manual mode
Set Shutter speed to 4 seconds
Set image quality to 1600x1200 TIFF
Then press shutter to take an image.
Repeat to get at least 3 images.

Closely inspect for brightly coloured pixels. Although my first shot revealed only one, this proper test revealed 2 hot pixels, one only lit up a dull green which I could hardly see.

I could live with that!

Test 2 - Dead pixels
Take off the lens cap
Go back to manual mode
Set shutter speed down to something like 1/250
Compose a scene with white light of a white sheet of paper (and to add to it you can even use flash).
Basically you want a shot of white.
Repeat for a total of three images.

My image was clean. Basically if there is a problem here a black pixel would show up to indicate a dead pixel on the CCD.

The reason these tests must be done in TIFF quality is that JPEG compression will actually hide individual hot pixels. Thus I erred initially when I used SHQ mode (the green pixel got lost).

Dead pixels - send it back, hot pixels, every CCD has them (making me consider the benefits of the pixel swapping feature on newer Oly digicams), but if you've got more than a couple I think the general concensus is to send it back and try your luck again.

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Default Dave072757

Hey Dave! How are you? I remember when you were having all those problems with your camera purchases! When I bought my C2100, it had one bright blue pixel on it; I took it back and got another 'perfect' one. Then I ordered the E100rs (pure greed, and they were on closeout sale at Frys in CA). It was shipped from Sun Valley, CA, and it is perfect. Since then, I have also caved and bought the Sony F-707, when I was able to price match it at Sears for a total cost of $626, including tax, shipping, etc. I was estatic, of course, but I still find myself more comfortable with the Olys. Maybe I just need to use the Sony more. I do love the camera. Without a doubt, it takes excellent photos. I have no desire to get it's successor, the F717. My cup runneth over already! I wonder whatever happened to 'Carmine'? His posts were so informative and helpful.


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Default Olympus c2100 - should I buy


I am in the US but I believe the end product quality remains the same.
It is a great camera.

Check out my galleries and decide for yourself.

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The canon sports a 3.3 MP Sony mfd. sensor but the effective MP is only 2.6, as Canon masks the imager down from 3.3 megapixels to 2.6 megapixels.
I feel there would be not much difference between the quality of the pics taksn by either of the two,
take into consideration the higher price that you have to pay for the Canon, without gaining much in terms of quality.
The Olympus C-2100 is available for about $442, from a reputed store like www.buy.com who also ship internationally.

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Default olympus 2100 uz

kevin, i have had the camera for 11 months,just love it,however it fell off my bed and the program nob broke off so i sent it to olympus for repair, they want $300.00 to fix it,over 1/2 the price of a new one, i expected to pay something but thats a little much,dont think i will buy another olympus,dave
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