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Default olympus c4000 for low light use HELP

hi whatta u guys think of this cam? for concert use, macro use, etc. is this a good low light cam?

or do you think the powershot s30 is just as good?

the thing is, the s30 i can get for 100 bucks less than the 4000. cos the s30 comes with a battery and charger, so it saves about $120, even though i like the 4000 more. but im thinking the lower price just kinda means a lower quality camera, since they're both within the same range feature wise - why is the s30 so cheap if its sucha good camera?

is the 4000 worth the extra cash? im only printing 4 x 6's btw.

thanks if you can give any advice, if the 4000 is really that great of a camera, as opposed to the s30.
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Don't have/never used the S30, so can't give you direct comparison...

C-4000 does OK with low light (it's got a f/2.8 lens at wide angle and zoom), but keep in mind that pretty much all consumer digital cameras are not terribly suitable for concert use--at least indoors concert use. Because of the shutter lag while focusing, metering for exposure, etc., you are likely to miss the intended shot. There are ways to reduce the lag (set to manual focus, etc.), but YMMV on this.

At low light, it'll take a while to focus AND a while to expose the shot--maybe as long as 1 second or longer--so any/tiniest subject movement will result in blurry photos. That might achieve kind of cool effect, but can be rather frustrating.
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Old Mar 14, 2003, 2:17 AM   #3
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The C-4000 is not a good low-light camera and I have countless 'fuzzy' shots to prove it. You should look at a camera with focus- assist and/or a larger possible aperture...Phil Gibson knows which cameras meet these specs..blessings, Johnny
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Default gibson

who is phil gibson? username i tried finding cant. email?
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Username: gibsonpd3620
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