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Mike R Jun 12, 2003 8:21 PM

Olympus c730 & fuji s602
Hello, I'm new to the site but i thought I would share this with you. I currently own a c-730 and recently purchased a fuji s602 because I keep hearing people raving about this camera and also because Circuit City had for 449.00 compared to everyone elses 699.99, so I figured I would try it. I had 14 days to return it, so I used it every day, shot for shot with my 730. Overall, the cameras are almost identical as far as features go except for the 730's 10x optical zoom vs fuji's 6x zoom. This is a very nice camera and probably would have kept it if I already didn't have one so similar, so I returned it. Basically, I just want to know if I made a mistake, please respond. :?:

steve6 Jun 13, 2003 12:06 PM

Given the choice up-front I'd go for the 602. However I would'n't have both or swap my 730 (losing money) for one and come to think of it I think I'd miss my 10x now.

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