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Default Olympus C740 or Panasonic DMC FZ1-S?

Olympus C740 or Panasonic DMC FZ1-S? Does image stabilizers of Panasonic make big difference at long zoom? How does Olympus shot to shot delay compare? I have children and nice poses only stay for fractions of seconds. I am novice but would like to learn. Please Help!
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Hi Amanda

I've actualy tried both cameras so hopefully can be of some help.
Firstly I bought the FZ1 and liked it a great deal but found a few niggles that pushed me to get the 740 Instead.
+ Responsive and almost silent zoom
Slightly quicker at responding on quick point and shoot stuff
Nice build quality and looks great, lens only comes out a small way on turn on.
Great colours and liveness to pictures
Pictures look higher than the 2mp it is.
Good package for the money

- No manual exposure control
No manual focus ability as ocasionaly auto was not spot on
Only 2MP


+ Full Manual exposure control
Manual focus
more real to life colours
Superb extra close macro mode

- Slightly over noisy pics ocasionaly
No stabalizer although not found it an issue
Lens comes out a bit on turn on making it look a bit ugly (My Opinion)

All in all I would say that if you want a great camera for taking good pics of your kids and are not too bothered about manuel controls then I would go for the FZ1, but bear in mind the lower MP rate will not allow you to go as big on blow ups. Although if you are intrested in Manual then the 740 is probably a better camera for that, but there is and FZ2 coming out in October that is the same as the FZ1 but with manuel control also.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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Just a comment on long zooms, many people say anything above +6 is useless without a tripod or image stabilization, but I've taken many handheld shots at full optical zoom (380mm) with my C-700, and a few at full digital zoom (1000mm) although I've now turned off digital zoom as it's poorer quality anyway (all digital zoom does on any camera is crop and enlarge, which you can do with a photo editing program aftwards anyway).

The trick in getting a steady picture is making sure your shutter speed is 1/focal length, i.e. full optical zoom=380mm so shutter speed should be 1/400. Of course if you are in lower light situations you will see the camera shake indicator which will mean you should have a tripod. Here are some handheld examples:

Full wide angle:
Full optical zoom:
Full digital zoom:

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, discussions, fun assignments for all C-7x0 users (700, 720, 730, 740, 750):
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Greetings all...

I have an Olympus 740 and like it a great deal. The Panasonic may be a superb camera as well, I simply do not have any experience with it.

What I DO have experience with is the 10x zoom issue. When researching the various cameras on the market back in the middle of June...I weighed alot of variables and came down to a couple cameras to choose from. There were so many comments about the uselessness of a non-tripod-supported 10x zoom that I almost did not buy the Olympus.

Since acquiring it, I have come to realize, the "auto" setting may be fine for quick point-n-shoot shots, but to use the zoom's capablity to its fullest, one must accelerate the shutter. For example, shooting general purpose shots at full magnification (10x) on "Sports" mode in well illuminated environment, causes a 90+% acceptable picture rate (in terms of sharpness, not composition!).

In retrospect, I believe the 10x advice very much overstated. So was the purple fringing! The 740 lense is excellent. I have yet to find that on any shot.

All in all, I'm quite comfortable with my 740. I realize there are better cameras out there, but the presence of a 10x zoom should be a reason to buy, not a reason to avoid. At least based on my experience.

Hope that provides some first-hand input....happy choosing, happy shooting!

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I am with Dave and Mike, the 10X zoom is my reason for ordering the C750. I already own the C4040 but want to be able to reach out there and touch some photo shots. There are always many ways to steay a camera other than a tripod, but what is wrong with using a tripod. My camera is to arrive today and can not wait to start using it. I downloaded the manuals and have read through them twice.
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How about minolta dimage z1, 100 cheaper than c750 @3.2Mp and 10xzoom.

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