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thanhnq Mar 19, 2006 5:41 AM

Hi all,

I have been using my Olympus C770 for just one year. Recently there is strange problems with it. Whenever I turn on my camere its zoom goes to maximum level of Telephoto. Sometime I can use Zoom lever to push it back to Wide-angle zoom but it is back to the most Tele level automatically. Zoom lever is not functioning almost the time.

Another problem is that the shutter button is not controlled as well. There is no response when it is pressed.

Someone said bad battery may cause strange problems but I am not sure. In fact, I can use PTC Camera Controller to control my camera from my PC without any problem like the above ones.

I have been quite unhappy with this camera because of its battery lifetime and now these problems.

Could anyone have solutions or I have to take it to service.

Thanks & Regards

mguergov Mar 22, 2006 9:16 AM

There is no battery - it it some kind of capacitor which keeps the settings.
Remove the battery and leave the camera without it for 24 hours.
If this does not help you go and try Olympus yahoo groups. You have to be member.
Good luck!

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