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Gordon. Mar 3, 2004 4:02 PM

Olympus Camedia Batteries
Finally got the C750. Came with a external battery charger and 4 batteries and also one set of Camedia batteries, sort of look like 2 AA's stuck side on to each other, I assume you will know what I am referring to.

Question is, the text on the side of the battery says, Do Not Recharge. Thats ok as they don't fit the battery charger anyway.

The camera store who sold us the c750 said that the Camedia batteries charge themseleves when in the camera when the camera is hooked up to a external power source, of course that is a optional item that is not included in the package.

So far the Camedia batteries have lasted almost a month with the camera getting steady use every day.

In addition to "charging" the Camedia batteries while in the camera, I note the power source is a 6.5v without looking at the camera, I have quite a few power leads of which one is also 6.5 but it is not Olympus of course, could this be hooked up to the camera to provide the external power source or is there something special about the olympus made 6.5v power lead.?

Thanks in advance for any help any one can give.

Bob Riggs Mar 3, 2004 7:09 PM

Battery Question
I believe the Camedia battery you are refering to is the pair of Lithium batteries supplied with the camera. The number for them is CR-V3.
These lithium batteries are not rechargable! However, they are terrific batteries with a long shelf life and will power the the camera for a long time! The bad news is, they are very expensive!
I have saved the ones I got with the camera for emergencies and use a couple of sets of AA NiMH's and a external charger.
You will notice that CR-V3's are slightly longer than standard AA's. I have heard of and experienced the problem of them bending the contacts down in 700 series cameras and then when using AA's, if the comera takes a "Shake", It will reset due to a momentary loss of contact. After using them in my 730, I carefully took a dentist tool and pulled the camera contact back up to make a firm contact with the batteries.

Gordon. Mar 4, 2004 1:51 AM

Thanks for that Bob, I was a little surprised at how long they were lasting. I was a little surprised by the sales person saying they would charge themselves in the camera, they are either rechargable or they are not. Suppose he has to say something.....


Norm in Fujino Mar 4, 2004 8:10 AM

There are rechargeable CR-V3 batteries, but they're called RCR-V3, and produced only in Taiwan by NEXcell. I got a couple of sets recently, but am still using a prior non-rechargeable set and haven't had a chance to use the new ones yet.

Kay Mar 5, 2004 10:05 PM

:? Hello gentlemen.

And speaking of batteries for the Camedia Series.......

I just yesterday got my Olympus C-740 digital camera and started with the batteries........(you have to know, I never turn to the instructions like I should first). How hard is it to open the case and slip those lithium batteries in. Just look at the diagram in the slots, right? Nope. They only went in halfway and stopped. We turned the camera every which way to see if we were looking at it wrong. No...that's the way they were to go in. Everyone we handed the camera to said that's the way the little logo said.

OK, so we FINALLY get the instruction booklet out, and what do you know...those batteries went in just the opposite of the little logos in the slot!:!:

I don't know if this is a manufacturers goof, or if we have completely lost our minds. :wink:

I suppose I should send the camera back, but I was so impressed with the speed of delivery that I don't trust my luck twice.

What would you do?


pavaros Mar 6, 2004 4:24 AM a tricky one...i dont know what i would do...i guess if you use the camera for a while and there arent any other problems, it depends on you if you can live with it or not...
i know that when you buy something new, you want it to be perfect, and so it should be!!...but these delivery services are awfull...
don't know if i helped or made you more confused...

Carbon Mar 6, 2004 9:36 PM

Hi Kay, You are not alone with this discovery!
But if you look closely at the little icons, you will see that there are three of them - the third (lower one) is marked CR-V3, this is the icon to follow for your CR-V3 double battery. You will see that it indicates the negative of the battery to go in bottom left.
The other icons (upper ones) are for the individual (single) batteries, and show the pos terminal of the left-hand one at the top, and the neg terminal of the right hand one at the top.
Pretty confusing at first look I know.
So there's actually no mistake, just different icons for different batteries.

Gordon. Mar 7, 2004 11:47 PM

>>OK, so we FINALLY get the instruction booklet out, and what do you know...those batteries went in just the opposite of the little logos in the slot!:!:

You got a instruction book ........other than the getting started quick sheets in every language other than english, it also came with a very detailed manual in Japanese. Of course the english version is available in PDF format on the CD but why do I need to print out 238 pages using my ink and paper.

Asked Olympus that but so far they have declined to reply or take me up on my request of supplying me with a English manual.

Oh well, can't win them all...............

Kay Mar 17, 2004 9:34 AM

:o No kidding Carbon! I'll have to go look. That makes sense, so THANK YOU for bringing that to my attention. (It would have been nice if they had mentioned that little detail in the manual!)

And Gordon, I understand how you feel! I'm the kind of person that does NOT like going to the computer for the "Help" topics. I'm a "book-in-hand" kind of person that likes to read good old "hardcopy". (Probably my age telling on me here!)

Keep after them to send you a booklet for your model. The one I have is in about 4 different languages, which is somewhat annoying, but at least I can hold my camera in one hand and the booklet in the other.


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