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queenbea Nov 10, 2007 11:32 PM

I have a Olympus D395 windows XP Professionel Compaq computer . My camera need new battery and when I replace them I got a oard guard message I remove the memory card and the battery then replace them which it work let me take a picture when I try to download it to the computer the transfer will stop at 9% then message come up the wizard was unable to download the picture to your computer. Can you tell me how to fix this Thank you B Jones

JimC Nov 13, 2007 7:16 AM

Are you using fully charged, high capacity NiMH Batteries in it? I wouldn't use Alkalines. That may be part of your problem. See this page for more information:

Rechargeable Batteries

You could also have a defective card, or one that the FAT is corrupted on.

Have you tried formatting the card with the camera's menu choice for format? As a rule, I do this *every* time I resuse a memory card, no exceptions. That way, I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, just the way the camera expects it, since it's performing the format.

You could also have some dirty contacts. I'd remove and reinsert the memory card a few times and that should help clean them if it's just a bad connection due to a bit of oxidation building up. Wipe off the card contacts good, too.

The same thing applies to battery contacts. You may have a bit of oxidation built up on the camera's battery contacts and they may need some cleaning. You can buy specialized contact cleaner pens for that purpose (radio shack used to carry them). Some people use a pencil eraser.

I typically use a Q-Tip with a touch of Alcohol (not much) to clean mine. But, be careful, as most over the counter alcohol has a high water content, and if you don't leave the contacts dry, that can cause oxidation.

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