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Old Apr 24, 2003, 10:27 AM   #1
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Default Olympus cameras = Better quality?

I have spent a lot of time reading other forums and it seems that people complain a lot about defects and problems with their cameras such as Canon. When I look at the Olympus forum, you dont see as many complaints, I see a lot of "how do you do this with this camera" kind of thing. So would it be safe to say that Olympus cameras are built better than others?
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I wouldn't say that. For instance, the longer zoom cameras have problems with CA (chromatic aberration or purple fringe). There's complaints about shortcomings in the C-7x0 cameras (like only putting one strap point on such a heavy camera).

I guess Oly users learned to live with their shortcomings, and hope that the next model will be the one to have fixed them...as a C-700UZ owner I see the C-750 is CLOSE to what I really want in a camera, but not quite close enough to replace my current Oly.

I've seen some Oly users whine and complain on other forums about issues that effect every consumer digital camera. I guess if you really want to get to the heart of a particular model, you have to go to a forum dedicated to that specific model of Oly...I know there are groups dedicated to the C-7x0 and the C-5050...not because those models are worse than any other, just that people like to talk about their specific model of camera.
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I do not think that Oly cameras are better quality than many other brands. I have been a fan of Oly mostly for the optics that they have used in their cameras. Oly has been very competive in pricing of their cameras to make them affordable. There are Canon, Nikon and Fuji cameras that I would like to have but am not willing to pay the price.
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Old Apr 24, 2003, 5:48 PM   #4
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To me it seems that the oly crowd just likes to talk about their cameras alot more. While the other people only ask questions or say something when they run into a problem. And when new cameras are coming out.
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I'm not sure that that is a fair generalization. At other sites, the Sony gang has a tendency toward self indulgence as well.

Phil Gibson's reply sums up my motivation for choosing Oly.

I like to share both good and bad exeriences that I've personally had with the {topic_item :: camera|software_package|printer|accessory} at hand so that others may combine my input with that of other to form their own conclusion.
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It really depends on what you are looking for. Putting aside all personal bias, my camera has a little CA at full telephoto, and the saturation of the pictures isn't nearly that of Kodak or some other brands. I was looking for properly exposed images and tack-sharp focus, and Olympus cameras are great at that.
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