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I have a Olympus D-550 and I took some pics. Sometimes this camera take dark pictures and then great pictures in the light. And sometimes the Camera takes Amazing picture shots, I dont know if its because of my Auto settings and sometimes the auto settingset to the wrong option?Am i missing a option in Camera that I am not using? Pics are below:


As you notice in those 2 pics above, the first link, you see the faces are shown dark in the car show and is not clear(grainish sometimes), and this often happen sometimes when its real bright outside also. The second picture,I took in the night time,and it shows glare and hard to see. Are my settings wrong? Here goes my Camarea Settings that i'm using below:

Here are my Settings that I currently use under Mode Menu:
ISO: Auto
Drive: The first option (Single Rectangle thingy)

WB: Auto
S: Normal
C: Normal

All Reset: Off
Light: On
Rec View: On
File Name: Reset
Pixel Mapping: Default

Besides that, everything else is default. What camera settings am I suppose to have turned on to always have sharp pics instead of sometimes? I don't really know the camera settings to give me best picture(and yes i read manual already)

Reply asap. Thanks alot!
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Ok well what we have here is going to be more of a critique of your photography skills rather than settings on the camera. The second shot is easy to tell you to get a good night shot you have to tripod the camera or you are going to get that "Cool blurry effect" due to shutter remaining open in the low light. I daresay the camera can either be put on the flat surface or MUST be on a tripod.

The First picture is a little more difficult. Your settings are generally fine. It is just the camera was probably focused on the front of the car as your "subject" as that takes center stage in the photograph and the faces of the people are out of the range of the flash.

Oh yes and for the first picture senario try focusing on the group in the car first and then you could move the camera "down". And experiment with your ISO at say 200 and see if that helps brighten things up a bit without introducing too much noise.

Any true photographer on this forum feel free to correct me or interject as I have limited actual experience but I support the product day in and day out. I am reletivly new to the photography game.
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