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Default Olympus e-450 help?

I just got an e-450 and read the instruction manual, but I still don't know how to do some things. This is my first time with any sort of SLR or DSLR camera. I can't find any tutorial vids on youtube or on google. My main problem is that I don't know how to zoom. I can get it to zoom in on an object to focus, but then when it takes the picture the object still far off. Does anyone know if there are any tutorials online, or how to zoom?
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First since this is your first post welcome. However you've posted this in the Olympus "Point & Shoot" forum...for questions about your new dSLR you want to post it in the Olympus "dSLR" forum...don't worry about reposting your question as a moderator will probably move it to the right forum.

Now with a new camera you have to give yourself time to get to know it. I know you want to get up to speed quickly, but even with several decades of photography experience it took me over a month to really get to know my first digital SLR.

Now as to your zooming question, are you looking through the viewfinder to take your picture, or are you using the "Live View" and the magnification view which is only meant to see if your object is in focus? When you use the viewfinder, the image you see after taking the picture should look like the view you see through the viewfinder.

Now if you're talking about how to zoom your lens, the lens has a mechanical zoom, not an electronic zoom like a point & shoot camera has...you actually have to turn the zoom ring to zoom the optics. Again it's best to look through the viewfinder until you get the hang of optical zoom vs the magnification view of Live View.

This site may help you get up to speed (yes it's E-410 instead of E-450, but it's 95% the same):
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Thank you so much! I never realized I had to actually manually zoom it!

I was using the magnification view, I think. Now it makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the link; I'll read it.

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