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pj77 Feb 3, 2007 8:06 PM


I had a Olympus C-310 camedia which couldnt keep battery charge after a yr of the problem the shop finally sent it back to Olympus (i had to force them) Olympus said it was with the specs and wasnt a fault. I had it re-sent to Olympus and now a yr later i have recieved a replacement camera of a FE-115.

It does have more megapixels (but they took a yr to replace it so they'd have to upgrade it) It has .02 less optical zoom and no view finder, seems cheaper than when i purchased mine for $210 on sale in dec 04. And they sent one with out a box. The C-310 had the dead pixel function not sure it this one does.

Is there any other negative quailties that i should know about as i am questioning Olympus as to the replacement?


lucky2505 Feb 4, 2007 1:40 AM

As Steve said in his review, image quality is good but shooting performance is disappointing. You can expect about 75 shots per charge. The C-310 was Olympus' entry-level offering at the time. The FE-115 is today's entry-level offering. In my opinion, it is the fair and proper replacement for your C-310.

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