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Default Olympus Gray Market Product Advisory

Got this pop-up thought I would share:

Olympus Gray Market Product Advisory
It has been recently reported that Olympus CAMEDIATM cameras originating from Outside the USA have been available from some Internet, Canadian, and U.S. Dealers. Olympus America Inc. feels it is important that we bring this issue to your attention since purchasing Gray Market (non-Olympus America specification) cameras in the U.S.A. will result in the following difficulties:

Olympus CAMEDIATM cameras originating from sources outside of Olympus America, Inc. are not warranted by Olympus America, Inc. and therefore would not be eligible for warranty service from Olympus America, Inc. The origin of these cameras can easily be traced via the serial numbers and the lack of FCC logo on the camera(s). Olympus offers only a Limited Warranty for the nation of distribution.

European specification cameras are set up for the PAL video standard and therefore are not compatible with the NTSC standard in the U.S.A., thereby disabling the important video preview feature. (This feature is not correctable)

Since the Olympus CAMEDIATM cameras are subject to Part 15 of FCC regulations, it is possible that gray market cameras may not meet FCC standards and therefore, sellers of these cameras may be subject to extensive fines.

Cameras originating from Asian countries will not have English Language menus.
Olympus America Inc. packages specific software in many of the CAMEDIATM cameras available only through Olympus Authorized Dealers. Olympus America, Inc. is not obligated to upgrade or provide this software for gray market cameras. Nor to offer any technical support for these products or the cameras.
All Olympus CAMEDIATM cameras marketed by Olympus America, Inc. can be easily identified by the following distinctive packaging:
CAMEDIATMTM Model Stock Number UPC Code Packaging
C-700 Ultra Zoom 225285 050332 133938 White and Blue Box
C-720 Ultra Zoom 225335 050332 137295 Blue Box
C-2100 Ultra Zoom 225215 050332 130432 Red Box
C-2040 Zoom 225250 050332 132375 Blue Box
C-2500L 225090 050332 12787 Red Box
225092 050332 293854 Light Blue
C-3000 Zoom 225025 050332 131286 Blue Box
225027 050332 294899 Blue Box
C-3020 Zoom 225300 050332 135192 White & Blue Box
C-3030 Zoom 225160 050332 129634 Magenta Box
C-3040 Zoom 225260 050332 132290 Magenta Box
C-4040 Zoom 225295 050332 134898 White & Blue Box
E-10 225230 050332 131354 Silver Box
E-100RS 225240 050332 130470 Gold Box
E-20N 225315 050332 135239 Silver Box

Don't be disappointed with an Olympus CAMEDIATM camera that will not perform up to our exacting standards. Be sure to purchase a CAMEDIATM camera from your authorized Olympus dealer. If you are not sure, check our Retail Finder for an authorized dealer in your area.
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Old news, but useful for new buyers (although they don't list newer cameras like the C-730 and C-5050). Don't know how many times I've seen that on the Oly site (if it has a checkbox saying, "do not show this again), I probably finally checked it because I haven't seen it in a while.
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Default Refurbished unit came in a BLUE box...

Just so you don't scare off any potential customers of refurbished units, I purchased a refurbished C-2100. Unlike the new one that I own which came in a RED box, the refurbished unit came in a BLUE generic Olympus box, with a label stating that it was a refurbished Olympus C-2100 camera.
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