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I need a new camera and i was thinking along the lines of an olympus.
They seem great and all but my sis has one and she cant even take a decent pic at night.. meaning the most SLIGHTEST movement the whole picture is ruined.
is this the camera or does she needa change some setting or something.
please help because i need to know if i should get one or not. :/
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You're going to have same issue with virtually any camera at night.

The shutter needs to stay open long enough to expose the image. So, that means you get blur from camera shake if you're not using tripod (as well as blur from subject movement if you subjects are moving, and a tripod won't help for that).

You'll want to use a tripod for taking photos at night (I'm assuming you mean non-stationary subjects like cityscapes, etc.), so that you don't get blur from trying to hand hold a camera in darker conditions.

If you mean non-stationary subjects like people, use a flash and make sure you stay within the rated flash range. That way, the flash can freeze the action.

Virtually any camera is going to give you blurry photos if you're subjects are not stationary and you're trying to take photos at night without a flash. That's what the flash is for. ;-)

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JimC is quite correct-

Due to the long shutter, generally speaking a tripod is needed in every virtually all night situation. The only exception would be were there is a great amount of artifical lighting.

Take a look at this handheld photo sample taken with a Canon A-710IS. The shutter speed which was 1/8th of a second was able to capture the scene, but not the movement of the man on the boarding stairs. The photo would have been impossible had there not been a lot of artificial lighting and if the camera did not have IS or image stabilization.

In this night shot, two things help a lot:

(1) There are no moving people.
(2) It was taken at dusk when there is still a bit of light in the sky.

Night photos are difficut. They take a lot of planning and shooting experience to get really good night photos.

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah, I really like the second photo. Did you use a tripod for it or did you brace yourself against something or do you simply have the steady grip of Superwoman?
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