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Default olympus memory cards are they worth the premium

got my C750 two weeks ago, just getting to grips with all the features and stuff.

i obviously need a much bigger memory card, my dilemma is do i buy an olympus card to enable me to use the panoramic function or go with fuji etc, also do i get one 128mb card or two 64mb in case of problems with i flyout to new zealand in a months time.

also just want to say what a great forum this is.

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Old Nov 24, 2003, 5:22 AM   #2
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Your first question just comes down to: Do you need the panorama function?

I have never bought an Olympus card for my camera, I've always gone for the cheapest brand I can find for both SmartMedia and xD. With a little bit more effort you can still take panoramas without the special function, and in the few cases where that functionality is desired I use the card that was included with your camera.

As for you're other question about whether to by a 128MB card or two 64MB ones; I'd just get a single 128MB personally. This should work out cheaper and there is very little need to have two cards with the idea of securing your images. Media cards these days are very reliable as long as you don't do anything silly with them, like remove them from the camera/card reader before it's finished accessing them. I presume you'll have the means to copy the images from card --> computer while you're in New Zealand, if not you'll want to consider a larger card than 128MB I think.

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Old Nov 24, 2003, 8:06 AM   #3
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In my experience with all types of products from cameras to coffee pots, cheaper is almost never less expensive.

There are valid reasons why some items cost more than other items. The value of something is determined by its complexity, its reliability, and how long it lasts.

Bargain products and off brands have a lower initial cost for a reason - they are worth less! Read through the forum on memory cards for example and see where headaches are experienced.

While I don't like Olympic's marketing tactics in requiring their own brand xD cards to enable the panorama function, I bought a 512 Mb Olympus card with my C5060 and it has performed flawlessly.

One problem with multiple smaller cards is that you will always need to keep tract of them when they are not in the camera. My preference would be to have equipment as self contained as possible.
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Old Nov 24, 2003, 11:04 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by exagorazo
Bargain products and off brands have a lower initial cost for a reason - they are worth less! Read through the forum on memory cards for example and see where headaches are experienced.
As far as xD cards go though, which is all that the C-750 from the original question supports, the only two brands available at the moment are Oly and Fuji, and even though Fuji cards are cheaper they most definetely just as reliable as Olympus' - in fact you can almost guarantee that they are both manufacturedby the same supplier. The Olympus premium price is purely for the card's PANO header, but I won't go into why I think that is a bad marketing tactic here.

In terms of SmartMedia cards (which is what I was talking about in my first post when I said I bought the cheapest cards I could find); the manufacture of these is strictly controlled by the companies that own the rights to them. Therefore, a cheap branded one should be just as good quality as an expensive Olympus one - in fact as with the xD cards, they may well come from the same manufacturer! I am sure that we hear more stories about cheaper cards failing purely because so many more people use them. SM cards are relatively fragile by nature, and I bet that if someone worked out the averages, just as many well-branded ones fail as cheap ones. I for one look after my cards and even they get swapped between four or five different devices, I have never had one go bad on me.
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Old Nov 24, 2003, 1:15 PM   #5
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Personally, I've used just an ordinary 128 meg memory card for regular shooting, and if I wanted to do a pan I'd pop in the original Olympus card for those occasions.
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Old Nov 24, 2003, 4:42 PM   #6
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I would be inclined to buy the less expensive of the name brand cards. However, when I was in the market for a 256M xD card, the Olympus was about $10 (US) cheaper than the Fuji branded card (from New Egg at the time.) I now have both Fuji and Olympus cards but they all say manufactured by another company, Panasonic (I think.)

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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Old Nov 27, 2003, 11:33 PM   #7
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I originally bought two Olympus 64MB SmartMedia cards for my camera to ensure I had the panorama feature on all my cards. Since then, I have purchased other cards, and all of them have worked equally well. If you don't need panorama, buy whatever is cheapest. I'll assume the XD cards are just as relliable as SM.
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Old Nov 28, 2003, 12:27 AM   #8
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Also there is a hack you can perform on SM cards to "insert" a code in their headers and make them accept Panos just like Oly ones.
You can probably find a link somewher in these forums for it (do a search).
It basically involves running a few small programs on your comp while your card is in a reader.
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Old Nov 28, 2003, 5:21 AM   #9
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Default No, Olympus cards are not worth 3x premium

I simply can't agree with those of you who say it's better to buy original Oly cards just to get the best quality. I bought a 128 SM card which wasn't the cheapest but still about 1/3 price of Oly. I got 3 years warranty and it's running without any problem.
Here is the link for panorama hack for non-oly cards:
I decided not to risk it (and lose warranty) and use a tiny card supplied with my camera for panoramas.
I'm pretty upset with all those warnings like "use of third party accerorries is not recommended, it can damage your device" etc.
For example Oly's step-up ring costs about $30 which I find about 5x-8x more expensive than noname. I wonder what special quality the original step-up ring can provide or even how it can damage your camera.
Oly's panaorama function only available for original cards is another good example of Oly's consumer-unfriendly marketing policy.
Just my opinion.
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Old Nov 30, 2003, 12:58 AM   #10
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I have six 128 Meg SM cards. Two are Oly, and the rest are various brands, generally the cheapest I could find. I have had all of them for over a year, and have used them fairly heavily. They have all worked perfectly. I wouldn't pay a nickel extra for the Oly cards unless I REALLY needed the pano feature. You can do the same thing in Photoshop pretty easily anyway.
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