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Default Olympus service dept, horrible repair estimate for D 600L

I just got word back from Olympus about the repair costs for my camera. First off, I sent my camera to them simply stating that it does not power on. I just wanted the camera to function.

Their estimate that was mentioned to me:

$500.00 Cdn. (maybe even a little more than that)

Hmm, well if I had that money, I'd purchase a new 3 megapixel camera. What they listed off for their estimate was primarily "cosmetic" stuff, where the previous owner of the camera had bumped the camera causing very minor plastic damage, nothing to affect camera performance. They also were indicating the missing connector cover. I'm not worried how the camera looks, as long as it works.

So, the only technical information they supplied me with was something to do with a Lithium cell missing or needing replacement and they would need to reconfigure the main board?

My question to the folks here:

Is there some "hidden" battery inside the camera that a customer/end user does not normally replace themselves? Olympus repair department asks that you remove all batteries/accessories when shipping a camera to them, which I had done so. I removed my 4 AA batteries, and the CR2025 "watch type" battery.

Do you think they are mentioning that the CR2025 battery being missing is the cause of the problem? If so, they are not very smart, asking that all batteries are removed and then saying that the battery missing is what is causing it not to power on.

I had replaced all batteries, including this CR2025 battery prior to sending to them, in attempts to get the camera to power on and it did not. Seems to me that is not the issue. I've lost faith if a camera manufacturer would attempt to rip me off $500.00 and supply a bogus reason for the powering on issue.

I don't know what to do now, except to take the camera apart and try to fix myself. Does anyone have any documentation/breakdown of a 600L? Also, does or has anyone had access to the "software" that Olympus would use to reload the main board?



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Default Oly Internal Battery

Yes, some Oly's have internal batteries.
On page 208 of the C-2100uz user manual
(specifications section)it is stated that
there is a "built-in lithium battery as
power supply for the calendar". I suspect that
this battery is also responsible for memory
of the user settings (ie, memory of the
user settings is retained even after the
main batteries have been removed/replaced.

The shelf life of a lithium battery is ten
years(typical)and five years when in service
in, say, like maintaining a computer's BIOS

You can check the back of your 600L user manual
to see if it has an internal battery (I suspect
not; my guess is that the memory functions
are powered by the CR2025). However, if a camera
with an internal battery were sent to Oly for
service, then it would be prudent of them (and
in the customer's best interest) to replace that
type of battery at that time. (I know that I
would want this done for my camera.)
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Default Thanks!

Well, with what you have mentioned, you have made me feel a bit better of my situation. It makes sense that there could/would be an internal battery, like a computer motherboard using a CMOS battery to retain settings.

The fact that Olympus doesn't want cameras sent to them with batteries in them, then for them to mention a possible fix being this lithium cell they referenced.

I'll let you know how it goes. Should have my camera back Friday and will be stripping it apart over the weekend to repair. If I fail, I'm not out too much. Would be nice to get it working though.

I didn't get a manual with the camera, however have downloaded the "online" Adobe Acrobat version. I'll search through for any reference to an internal battery.

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Ok, found a page in it that mentions the CR2025 lithium battery being used for the calendar. However, if that is the battery in question, it is something that is not truly "internal" and I have replaced it with a new one, along with the 4 AA's, and still nothing.

The power supply indicated for the camera to use is a 110V, and all I have around are 120V power supplies. I don't want to take the chance with the higher voltage, but am curious if it might power on with the power supply.

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A friend of mine droppedhis Olympus 460, it popped off the lens cover which is also the on/off switch and broke a small part of it. Olympus sold him the needed repair parts. Also have know more than 1 Olympus Camera to fail to turn on. Common cause is on/off switch failure and has to be replaced.
Good Luck,
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apparently Olympus factory service has out of warranty prices that are STANDARD FOR EACH CAMERA MODEL reguardless of what is wrong with the camera. In my case, a C2000 repair is $210 reguardless if I dropped the camera with major damage, or in my case, the on-off switch is erratic!!! Everyone gets charged $210 for a minor or a major repair.
Does anyone know about a good repair shop??
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