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I see that this new camera has Image Stabilization, but it's described as 'digital' Image Stabilization. Elsewhere I've read a suggestion that this sort of stabilization is designed for shooting video, but that for stills, what's needed is optical image stabilization.

I still have an Olympus C2100UZ. I like it very much, but I sometimes find it a bit cumbersome and when I saw this new SP-510 UZ announced, thought it might be something I'd like to upgrade to.

But the idea that digital image stabilization is inferior for still photography puts me off, & makes me think of getting a something like a Canon S3IS, or a Panasonic FZ7.

Can anybody tell us more about digital image stabilization and how it compares with the optical kind?

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I'm in the same boat (six-year-old Olympus C-3000). I want optical image stabilization because it's better. The only reason Olympus waited this long to introduce OIS (Stylus 750) was cost. Canon, Sony and Panasonic are way ahead of Olympus and it's a shame since I always liked Olympus.

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I have the SP-500 UZ and it definately could use some image stabilization. Hard to get a good zoomed pic without a tripod. Would be a great camers with decent working image stabilization. I havent used a camera with image stabilization yet. but I am anxious to try one and see how well it actually works.
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Went and looked at the SP-510 on theOlympus website. They explain the SP-510s DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION "Moving subjects and camera shake are less of a challenge with the high ISO and fast shutter speed". Couldnt I just set my SP-500 to a high ISO and fast shutter speed and achieve the same thing. Their DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION seeme to be more of a marketing term than any sort of corrective stabilization.
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