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mtclimber wrote:
It is just my opinion, but I think that the Panasonic FZ-18 is a much more capable camera, and I own an Olympus SP-550.

Sarah Joyce
I own an FZ-18. While it's a great camera and very versatile, it does have a problem with noise in anything but very bright light. I like the color and contrast from Olympus cameras and may pursue the SP-570 if it proves itself - and the price comes down a bit.:-)
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I got a SP-570uz as a replacement for my E-100rs. I take many pictures at auto races and the burst shooting features are the most important to me. I would not even be looking to replace the E-100rs except for the fact that it's getting old and a bit 'cranky' and the fact that it's only 1.5 meg. I tell you all this because this is my main point of reference for my comments.

The SP-570 is lighter than I expected, a pleasant surprise.

Color seems to be 'off' in the normal mode, I noticed the reds seemed lighter than they actually were and in one case a orange car appeared to be closer to a shade of salmon. I will try shooting in the vivid color mode and see if it improves.

The burst shooting mode gives the most frustration. The old camera gave one the option of using precapture in any mode (it would shoot in 3, 5, 7 or 15 FPS) but the SP-570 will only allow one to use precapture in the fastest shooting mode of 13 PFS @ 3MP. The speed of shooting in burst mode is completely controlled by the size of the photo so if you want 10MP you will have 1.2 FPS, something faster at the intermediate 5MP size and 13 at 3MP. Whats wrong with that? Your buffer memory fills up way too fast and then when you stop shooting the camera is 'shut down' until the photos are all moved onto the memory card. No more pictures can be taken until the everything is processed which can take many seconds. On the E-100 as soon as there was space in buffer you could take more shots. So you are shooting at 13 FPS to get the pre-capture feature and when you finally do pull the trigger you have 10 shots in buffer already and then new images are added so quickly that buffer is loaded before you would guess. Then you have to wait 20+ seconds to shoot again! (The laps of the races I am covering are only 17 seconds long so I miss a whole lap.)

So what it needs is the option to use pre-capture at any burst setting, the ability to shoot as soon as buffer memory is avaliable and the ability to slow the shots per second so that the photos can be taken over a longer period of time, 4 or 5 seconds instead of just 2 seconds.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who engineered the controling software for this camera had any idea how people were really going to be using it, especially when they had it 'right' in earlier models.

Moving on-

Much of the time I am shooting at night races and so low light performance is important. This seemed to be improved. I started off shooting at 1/80 at 400ASA as I had done with the E-100. The results were ok and I was presently surprised when I tried going to 800ASA and shot at 1/100.

The zoom ring looks like a good idea but I had trouble with it and it was the first thing I would change. It was too slow to react. Also it requires two hands and, as I usually have to take notes and such between shots and have a note book and pen in left hand it requires me to drop the notes to free my left hand to operate the zoom. It's a pain.

Battery life seems good. I was using nickel metal hydride batteries and despite the fact that the display was on with the menu most of the time I was shooting (was that really necessary?) I shot about 600 pictures without them expiring. Also alkaline batteries are acceptable unlike the E-100.

Well here's some pictures.
The #84 in one shot was orange but doesn't really look right.
Red eye seemed worse than I was used to in the flash pictures.
The only thing I have done to the shots is to reduce the size to meet the limits
Attached Images
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Try this link for the Olympus SP-570UZ http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/con...view-17488.htm
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I've been following the reviews for the 550, 560, and 570 for awhile. I've been planning to get a new camera this spring, and I'm being pulled by the ultra zoom style.

One thing that's especially been attracting me to the Olympus cameras is the precapture feature. As far as I can tell, none of the other manufacturers even offer this -- at least, I don't see it in their literature. Can someone confirm or contradict this, please?

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Hi: Therecently introduced Casio EXILIM Pro Ex-F1 has a high speed pre-capture feature. But the price of the camera at $999 is significantly more expensive than the Oly SP-570.

Steven R.


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EX-F1 and 570 are not comparable (speed, zoom, pixels, ww, tele, chipsize...).

EX-F1's speeds are fascinating, but not worth the (double)price.

The highest speeds with small formats are useless.

When I first read from EX-F1, i thought, i must have this cam. Now I have a SP-570
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I think the Canon S5 is great, the FZ 18 is great, and from what I've seen the 570 is looking pretty good. I have the SP 560 and I like it. Is it perfect absolutely not but after learning to use it you can get pretty good shots. If you want great you need dslr quality then only a dslr will give it to you. The 560 is soft at full tele but works fine for me because I like the versatility of it compared to carrying big lenses and cameras around. Here is a shot from the full zoom 486mm from the 560 with little post processing done on it. I can live with this.

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Does anyone have a guess as to when we will see a review of the 570 on this site. I am amazed that it has been available for awhile with nothing "official" yet. I have a SP-500 UZ and am not all that pleased with it. Am hoping the 570 is enough of an improvement to be worth it ahead of an elk hunt trip to Colorado in Oct.
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