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I bought this camera when it first came out and have never truly mastered night pictures.

I have always used the SCN settings, and changed to Night (or Night Portrait), and no matter what, under every circumstance, the pictures are extremely grainy. I have the camera mounted on a tripod etc, so there is no motion jiggle, just grainy.

Can anyone shed some assistance of things for me to try?

Also I am trying to take pictures of the moon and can't get anything other than a white blob.

Thanks for any help in advance,

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The three essential keys to taking night photos. Using a good sturdy tripod, using the lowest ISO setting available on your camera, and using the camera mode that allows the longest exposure.

Yes, it will also take some experimenting as well to find the technique that is most adaptable to your personal camera. But even very simple cameras like the Kodak V-550 are capable of good night photos such as this one.

Sarah Joyce
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Most digital cameras including the SP-510 cannot autofocus on the moon. They require a vertical line to focus on.

Try changing to manual focus and set the distance at infinity.

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I think the problem is that you are using night mode. The shutter speed is probably rather slow. That's ok if you use a tripod and take a picture of downtown buildings or even the houses on your block under the street lamps. However, the moon is a different issue; it's relatavely bright. Several days ago, I took a number of pictures of the moon, using the SP-550 (sometimes with a TCON-17). I had shutter speeds between 1/100 and 1/500 of a second. The pictures were all pretty sharp.

I suggest you set your shutter at 1/250 or higher (faster), put your camera on a tripod and see what happens.
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Ok I took the advice...using the night setting on the camera, using ISO 50, I got this result.

This pic was taken on the top of Hamilton Mountain...overlooking the city, and especially on the Cathedral. I used manual zoom, and zoomed right in using the regular zoom.

I think it came out great!

Also, it was taken through some spaces through the trees, underneath some extremely bright yellow lights. So that is why there is that odd light effect on the leaves that are blurred in the front.

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