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Digi Cameron Nov 8, 2007 3:53 PM

The only charger I could find for the Olympus Stylus required an electrical cord connected to it. This made it not very portable and I kept thinking about how to modify it with an attached plug, like other 'plug directly into the wall' chargers. No cable needed! Then I happened to notic that the slide off plug on Apples chargers and Airport Express fit the Olympus charger perfectly and even give the added benefit of fold flat plug prongs. I feel like I discovered Light and now I can take my charger along in my pocket.
I just wanted to pass this on and wasn't sure where to post it. Perhaps you can direct it if you think it worthwhile.
PS. A great side effect of this is that I don't feel so bad about throwing a dead Airport Express away now that I have a use for its plug.

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