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Default Olympus Versus Minolta

After using a Nikon 995 for about a year, I plan on moving up to a 5 megapixel camera. I've narrowed my choices down to the Olympus E20 or Minolta Dimage 7Hi. The main considertion for me is Image quality, sharpness (found this hard to acheive with the CP995) and the flexibility of various shooting situations (i.e landscapes, portaits, etc.) Both cameras are in a similar price range. Has anyone used both? Any recommendations?
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Default Optical vs EVF

It all boils down to your preference: Optical vs EVF. There's no doubt that the E20 optical viewfinder is the more familiar and it's built is beyond reproach. However feature wise, the 7hi's with its EVF is hard to beat (once one get use it):

1) WYSIWYG (with manual aperture/shutter & color overide)
2) Real-time histogram (impossible with optical)
3) Grid & Scale
4) NightVision in the dark
5) Direct Manual Focus overide (with 4x magnification)
6) AF focus cursor anywhere on the EVF screen
7) Much lighter (because of the EVF)
8) Shoot 5 raw frames @ 3fps (check out the EOS1Ds specs...)

You'll find that most of us have own the CP990 as well before we switched over to the D7s. It's a tough choice and I believe most of us have like you had gone through this same selection process. BTW it was even harder then when the PCT-100 and the PC sync terminal were not available for the D7s!
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:?: What are the differences between the E-20 and the E-20N ?
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I believe the 'N' denote the market. Olympus cameras usually don't support both NTSC and PAL through a soft menu a' la Minolta. ie without an 'N' it's probably has a PAL output...
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Hi, I've got both camera's, the Olympus is optically excellent and the slight gain with the F2 lens can help in low light but it's just so slow at writing to the memory card it just has to go I haven't had much time to really compare the two in detail but handling wise I prefer the Olympus, it's just that bit bigger and as I'm 6'6" and built like a gorilla that's probably just me Quality of printed output at 10x8 and 16x20 is indistinguishable to me. Given what I know now I would choose the Minolta.
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