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Default One More C-7000 Question

Oldie here, but still curious.

The C-7000, when in "video" mode, has four resolution settings.

(2) 320x240 (1 @ 15fps / 1 @ 30fps)
(2) 640x480 (1 @ 15fps / 1 @ 30fps)

Now the best quality option, is of course, the 640x480 @ 30fps.

However, of the four modes available, this, "best quality" option
is the only one, that is limited to 15 seconds capture time.

All the other three, "less than" quality capture modes, are limited to the
amount of space you have on your xD card.

Now, why in the world, would they limit the best option to 15 seconds?

This option also should have been limited only by the amount of space on your flash card.

So, ultimately, my question is, does anyone know of, or heard of some type of, "reverse engineered" firmware, perhaps, that would "unlock" this highest capture setting, to be limited only by the amount of space you have on your media card?

Thank you
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This is just a guess, but the old technology of the slow xD card might have been the limiting factor. However, there is a comment on this site's review of the C-7000 showing the high quality movie time increasing with the use of a higher capacity xD card. Put in a 2GB xD card and then start filming and see if the recording time actually increases over the 16 seconds.

Check out the bottom paragraph chart on this page of the review on the C-7000: http://www.steves-digicams.com/camera-reviews/olympus/c-7000-zoom/olympus-c-7000-zoom-review.html

It shows the highest quality movie time as 16 seconds, but that is for the old 32MB xD, increasing to 4 minutes with the larger 512MB xD card.

Maybe the later model 2GB M+ xD cards would allow SHQ movies of even longer length. It would be worth a try.
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Thank you again for your help, however, I am already using the Olympus xD M+ 2GB Picture Card, and am still limited to 15 seconds record time.

It is odd that the bottom paragraph you instructed me to look at, does in fact state higher record times with the bigger card, but, as my luck would have it, that is just not the case.

As, a matter of fact, no matter what size card I throw in there, my limitations are still the same.

Its odd that, the review actually stated that information. I even went back to make sure they were speaking of the C-7000, just in case.
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