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Default online source of Olympus Digicam parts

Hi all,

Have an older D-400 Z and I just need the little plastic window that goes over optical viewfinder/timer light.

Anyone know where I can get this with minimum hassle?

Thanks in advance!

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Howza bout bottom of empty Pepsi bottle, scissors and a
lil super glue?

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Unlike cars and desktop computers, cameras don't have OEM replacement parts, and manufacturers don't sell parts to end users. The only way to get a replacement part is to send your camera in to Olympus and have them fix it. But there's no harm in asking Olympus if they will send you the part if it just snaps in.

(Just want to add that Olympus is tighter on repairing things themselves than other digicam makers are...Olympus won't even let the end user upgrade the camera's firmware themselves; I've them I've done upgrades on firmware on my motherboard, modem, CDRW, DVD, PDA (handheld computer), etc. etc., and asked them why we can't upgrade the camera's firmware ourselves...their answer, "We feel the opportunity for an error while upgrading firmware is too great and we would prefer the camera be serviced by the Olympus repair dept. This way we can control the environment in which a camera is upgraded and assure that it gets done right without harm to the camera." - William Carp. He is a Technical Representative with Olympus America.)
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Default funny thing...

The little plastic window off myyD-400 ZOOM fell off/lost. This was a couple years ago. Anyway I managed to find a dealer online who sold me one. it was not cheap considering what it is, around $15 as I recall.

It is made to just snap on, but O thought i would add a little insurance to prevent losing it again, so I added the tiniest dab of super glue on the edge - BIG NO-NO!! Never do this as SG emits a very strong vapor while setting up that caused the plastic window to fog over. I had to remove it and then polished it up as best i could - still not as good as new though.

Thought I would finally get around to replacing the window but now I can't find where I sourced it from 2 years ago.

Thanks for anymore suggestions.
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Keep an eye on Ebay, many times people sell non working cameras for very cheap. You can then use the parts to fix your camera, and have some aditional parts left over as well. I had an older Olympus that the flash broke and the battery holder fell off and I found the same camera on Ebay for 30 bucks, it didnt work but the whole outer shell looked a lot nicer than mine so I swapped parts, looks a whole lot nicer now. Hope this helps!
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