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Default "pixel noise" in darker areas - 2500L

Newbie question:

When I blow up a photo (8x10 shot in SHQ) I get a lot of pixel noise (my term??)... pixels obviously lighter in darker shaded areas. This is spread across the entire area... thousands of them... and it's not a "stuck pixel". In "normal 1" or "normal 2" it is more noticable, with "soft" being the least offensive. Is this something typical of digital cameras (and I am expecting too much) or is this something functionally ugly with the camera ?

Frankly, when larger pictures are printed the overall quality is ok at best... barely.

Comments or insights appreciated.

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Default Pixel Noise.... more info

I should have noted that if I shoot into a near dark area many of the pixels will be dark green or deep purple against what is otherwise a black background. There does not appear to be a pattern as I have compare multiple photographs and do not see a trend. Hope this helps explain it a bit better.
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It sounds like noise. A couple of examples with EXIF data would help to diagnose it.

Noise in digital photos increases as the camera's ISO setting is raised. It also increases as exposure times get longer. If this effect is mainly visible in pictures taken in poor light, then the cause is almost certainly noise.

1) Keep the camera set to 100 ISO or lower, not auto
2) If your camera has a noise reduction mode, like the C4000, use it in very low-light situations, such as pictures by available light after dark. In these situations you will need a tripod anyway.

If you have pictures in which noise is a problem, there are remedial processes in most good photo editors, like Photoshop. However, by far the best is a stand-alone program called Neat Image. This ranges in price from about $30 to $75, depending on which version you buy. There is an evaluation download available at www.neatimage.com.

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