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Default Pixel Problem

Hi All,

I just thought that I would ask this simple question, as it is something that is new to me and I only heard about recently. I never had this problem with my old 490 Zoom, but I recent received my replacement for the 490 in the form of a C-700UZ and in almost every shot that has been taken with the camera I see some very noticeable bad/hot pixels.

Can anyone suggest to me why a brand new camera has this problem? Is it a quality issue? I have never notice this problem with my old 490 and have even tested both cameras with a program that was suggested to me called Dead Pixel Test and the 490 has no problems with bad pixels, but the 700UZ, well, lets just say I am not to pleased.

Any input about this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Default C-2100UZ Pixel Test Results for Reference

For reference, below are results of tests
conducted on C-2100UZ using deadpixel test:

Shutter(seconds); # Hot Pixels(no dead pixels); Camera Temp(deg F)
ISO= 100
2; 0; 80
4; 0; 80
6; 0; 80
8; 4; 80
8; 0; 60*
10; 4; 80

ISO= 400
2; 0; 80
4; 4; 80
4; 0; 60*
6; 4; 80
8; 6; 80

Note*) For the tests conducted at 60 deg F,
the Camera was left overnight in a cool room
to lower the CCD temperature. Retest at
the subject shutter speeds was conducted
immediately before significant camera
heating could occur.

These results indicate to me that no hot pixels should
be seen unless you are shooting night scenes using long
shutter timings along with using high ISO settings
(eg, shooting nighttime sky scenes such as star shots).
In addition, to minimize CCD noise, try to make sure
that the camera CCD is cool (eg, I've found 40 deg F
to work really well (I can get almost 8 seconds shutter
out of the UZI at max. ISO at this temp before generating
observable CCD noise).
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Hi Dicki,

It sounds like you have some stuck pixels, not hot-pixels. Stuck pixels are on every picture taken, where hot-pixels only should appear at long exposures.

But the problem might be that you use auto mode. Then the camera will adjust the ISO to a higher value for faster shutter speeds. Higher ISO gives more noise and more hotpixels.

Try using P mode and lock the ISO to 100, and then take som pictures to se the result. Try with the lens cap on to make it more clear.

If you still got stuck pixels, claim your warrenty. Let the store exchange the camera or send it in to Olympus for repair.

Hotpixels is normal at shutter speeds longer than a second. This problem is more frequent with higher Mpixel camera's.
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