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Default Plan on a shoot next week with C-5050z... any tips?

On next Wed, I will be photographying people at a luncheon in a ballroom (typical ligthing). There will be many people and high officials there. I plan on keeping the camera on "P" mode.

As for the flash, I planned on using my SB-50DX from Nikon. How should I configure the flash and the C-5050z? What would you suggest?

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To be honest I don't know. What I know is how I squezzed the best out of my SB-24 on my D100. I went to manuel mode on the flash only. I would try that at fire some testshots, when you arrive at the sceneri. Then adjust on the flash.

I don't think anything else will do...but you have to test it before going to work!.

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First the flash: I don't have that model, but if it does not have AUTO mode, every discharge will be full power. There will be no TTL control. It will be like using a basic single power manual flash, and you will need to adjust the aperture for distance. Even if it does have AUTO mode, you will have to set the camera to A or M, not P, for a non-dedicated flash to fire. At least, my C4040 is that way. Verify that for the C5050. I also use a SB24, in AUTO mode.

Another thing, in P mode, the C4040 nearly always settles back to f1.8 indoors. Even though we think these cameras have endless depth of field, they really don't as far as sharp focus is concerned. I use f4 for events to make sure everyone in the shot is in focus.

Last, but probably most important, be sure to keep the focus mode set to SPOT. That way you won't have sharp backgrounds and fuzzy faces. Good luck!
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The P,or A or S mode will not work with your SB-50DX since it's not a dedicated flash for your C-5050Z. You will have better luck if you use the built-in flash, at least you will have some decent results. To use this camera at manual mode and manual flash, you must have intensive experience. Since the flash coverge of the built-in will not be powerful enough to cover some distance shots, you can bring a compact tripod, set the flash to slow1 mode and shoot with P or A mode, and the supplied remoted will come in real handy. Other than that, you will need to buy the Fl-40 or the cheaper version Fl-20 (about $135-150).
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Here is the trick (if your flash has a tilting head): set it to bounce off the ceiling as an add-on flash and use your built-in as the main flash. If your nikon allows pwoer settings, set it to half blast or so, and try it. It will not brighten the photo: the exposure will be taken care of by the in-camera flash; but it will take care of all those nasty shadows, softening the overall effect.
But try it before you get there for best settings.
Hope it helps, tabbasco.
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